Two Common Fall Pests In Georgia

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Yes, there are more than two pests that like to invade your home in the fall, but you already know about ants, flies, mice, rats and spiders. The two bugs discussed below are relatively new on the fall invasion scene, but they can be controlled easily with the proper pest control plan. If you notice either of these bugs scurrying across your floor, call Contractor’s Best Pest Solution.

1. Megacopta Cribraria

Also known as kudzu bugs, this pest comes from the stinkbug family so don’t squish it. What makes this one unique is it is wider than your average stinkbug, with a posterior that measures as much as a quarter-of-an-inch. It has a greenish-brown body and red eyes. Yes, it’s not pretty! The kudzu bug has migrated to the States from Asia with its first sighting in Georgia in 2009.

The bugs love to move into your home in October, so it’s almost time to keep an eye out for them. They also fly, and, as most bugs are, they are attracted to light and light-colored surfaces. Don’t think you’re out of the woods when winter hits; it’s only temporary. The kudzu bug will reappear in the spring and it loves to munch on kudzu (hence, its name), soybeans and other legumes.

2. Halyomorpha Halys

Another stinkbug that has made its way onto the fall-invasion scene is the brown-marmorated stinkbug. This pest gets its name from its brown marbled or mottled coloring. It grows to about 5/8-of-an-inch and you can easily identify this bug by its antennae, which have white bands on them. This stinkbug moved into Georgia in 2010, and it, too, is an invasive species from Asia.

This bug is an agricultural pest, and it can wreak havoc on fall crops. It thrives in fruit crops but will also get sustenance from vegetable row crops. The bug makes its way into your home in the fall to happily rest and relax in the overwintering site, and this bug travels in groups. You might find yourself with an infestation, especially if you grow your own fruits and vegetables in your yard.

Relax. You needn’t worry about either of these bugs or any other pests for that matter if you call Contractor’s Best Pest Solution in Buford, GA. We handle all types of pests, including kudzu and brown-marmorated stinkbugs. We will inspect your home and come up with a pest control plan that best suits your needs. Call us today to set up an appointment.


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