Five Common Winter Bugs Found in Georgia Homes

Whether you’re a Realtor or a homeowner or renter, you do not want a home infested with winter bugs. We get plenty of them here in Georgia, and there are five common ones that will take up residence to keep safe and warm. They don’t bring holiday presents and some of them are dangerous. Let Contractor’s Best Pest Solution protect you from the following common winter Georgia insects.

1. Fire Ants

Let’s start with a dangerous pest. Fire ants are not only intrusive but they’re also painful if they bite and sting you. You see, fire ants do both. They bite you first and then sink their mandibles into you to sting you. You’ll feel burning first followed by intense itching, and they will bite and sting you several times before they let go. You don’t want these aggressive ants in your home at any time during the year.

2. Flies

Flies are more annoying than dangerous, but they aren’t exactly sanitary, so you don’t want them crawling all over your kitchen countertops. Flies won’t only infest your home in the summer; they will also seek comfort by coming inside during the fall and all winter long. They buzz around your home in search of food, including what they can find in your kitchen garbage, food scraps, and pet food. 

3. Kudzu Bugs

Kudzu bugs made their way into Georgia and were first discovered in 2009. These pesky critters can multiply in your home fast because they love to lay their eggs inside and out. Kudzu bugs look like little olive-green ladybugs with tiny brown spots. Although they won’t bite you, Kudzu bugs can make you break out in a rash if you squish them with your hands. They also stain your skin and smell horrible.

4. Spiders

Spiders are another winter pest that will make their way into your home. As you know, black widows and brown recluse (fiddler) spiders are poisonous, and we have plenty of them here in Georgia. It’s important to keep your home free of cobwebs and never reach into dark spaces without looking first. This is where these poisonous spiders make their homes and they will bite you if they feel threatened.

5. Stink Bugs

Kudzu bugs aren’t the only stink bugs in Georgia. Unfortunately. Stink bug infestations are common in the winter and frustrating as all get-out. You can’t squish these harmless bugs because they won’t go down without a smelly fight. Stink bugs will live outside and inside your home, and it’s best to avoid them altogether with pest control. If one does make its way inside, you should put it back outside.

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Photo by MCYeung from Getty Images via Canva Pro