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5 Questions Clients Are Asking Realtors, That You Need To Know

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Buying or selling a home is the biggest financial decision that most people will incur in their lifetime. Choosing the person to act as a guide through the process should not be taken lightly. Some questions need to be asked and answered, to your satisfaction before making a hiring decision.

Is your license in good standing?

It would seem that there would not be a need to ask this question, however, as part of the vetting process, this information is critical to a good decision. Don’t rely solely on the agent’s word for this information because you can verify it by checking with the real estate licensing authority in your state. Most states have this information readily available online.

Before the process is complete the realtor you choose will have intimate knowledge of your finances. You will want someone trustworthy and has your best interests as a priority, and this knowledge will help to gauge those attributes.

Are you a full-time or part-time agent?

This question gets right to the heart of how much time the agent can dedicate to finding, or selling, the new home. The answer to this issue should not be the sole reason for rejection because a part-time agent might be okay for your needs if the agent meets the other essential requirements.

How long am I required to list my home with you?

Realtors have varying time frames for listing your home with them. If your agent just isn’t performing to expectations, the last thing you want is to be locked into a long-term contract. This question also may act as a marker to how long the realtor thinks it will take to sell your home.

How often will you communicate with me?

You will want to know the progress the agent is making. Finding out up front how often you can expect updates can go a long way in making the process a lot smoother. You can learn a lot about how well your agent communicates from the first meeting. Was the agent timely in returning calls? Did they respect your time by being available for your questions? Also, you will want to find out the methods of communication the particular agent uses and if it coincides with your preferred method of communicating.

How many homes have you closed in my neighborhood?

If your realtor does not have a clue how to market your home properly, it could make for a trying experience. Ideally, you will want an agent that has a wide breadth of experience in selling homes similar to yours and your location. Finding out this information and using your knowledge of the homes that have sold in your neighborhood will let you know if the realtor’s plan to market your home will work.

With a decision as big as purchasing, or selling, a home nothing should be left to chance. Doing your homework in advance can make the process easier. These five questions are just a start to that process, but they will help to give you confidence that you’ve chosen the right Realtor for your needs.


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