Five Signs You Have Termites

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We get it. We do. You don’t want to worry about termites and we here at Contractor’s Best Pest Solution don’t want you to have to worry about them. These pests are destructive because they have strength in numbers, and the best way to get rid of them is to destroy their nests as soon as possible. Here are five signs you have termites in your home and on your property.


Termites mate in the spring, but they “get a room” first. They look for wood on your home to nest in and mate. These insects can reproduce in shocking numbers, which means by summer you’ll have thousands of them. Because they look to mate in the wood of your home, you’ll find wings near your doors and windowsills. Termites discard their wings once they don’t need them anymore.

Mud Tubes

There are different species of termites and Subterranean termites are the most destructive. These mites not only build their nests in your home’s wood and in the trees outside they also drill mud tubes from their nesting place to their food sources. Look for these tubes near the foundation of your home. The insects will burrow in the ground and along concrete and bricks – even up walls.

Damaged Wood

Inspect your home’s wood accents, including exterior railing and decks for termite damage. Termites eat wood to create holes in which to nest, so you’ll see blisters and holes in the wood along with wood shavings on the ground. You should also inspect your trees to see if you have termites nesting underneath the bark. Termite colonies grow quickly, so some may head to your home for new nests.

Bubbling Paint

Your home’s exterior paint will bubble in most cases due to moisture, but these bugs thrive in moist environments, so they may be burrowing underneath the paint into the wood. If there are termites, you might also notice bald spots where they have eaten through the paint into the wood. This can happen indoors, too, so keep an eye out for bubbling or uneven paint inside, as well.

Termite Droppings

Yes, we’re serious. Also known as frass, drywood termites poop wood-colored droppings because they’re eating your home’s wood. These droppings look like tiny wood pellets, and the termites usually leave them in piles. This isn’t only disgusting it’s also a sign you have termites. We know. You never imagined in a million years a sign of termite infestation is termite doo but it is.

If you notice any of the above call Contractor’s Best Pest Solutions in Buford, GA, right away. We’ll come and conduct a full termite inspection of your home and property.


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