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6 Easy Ways to Protect Your Home from Unwanted Visitors

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You don’t need to build an impenetrable fortress or install a huge moat around your property to protect it from unwanted visitors. Most home burglars are opportunistic, and their “jobs” are rarely planned. The good news is that there are many things you can do to reduce the possibility of a burglary.

The best thing to do is to make your property a less attractive opportunity for would-be thieves, and there are some easy things you can do to make your home more secure.

Don’t Look Like a Target

Don’t advertise yourself as an easy target for criminals. This means that you should at least make it look like you care about the security of your home. Ensure that your property is well-lit, windows are kept securely shut when you’re not at home, doors are locked, and that all your most-prized possessions are not on display for all to see.

Hiding Places

Don’t create areas around your property that make it easy for intruders to conceal themselves. Avoid tall or thick shrubs around doors and windows so people can’t hide behind them. Also, avoid tall security fences, as they provide ample opportunity for intruders to hide from view and wait for the best time to enter your home unnoticed.

Lighting and Cameras

Ensure that your property has a lot of lighting and that security cameras are clearly visible. Security cameras are just as useful at preventing burglaries as they are at filming one in action.

If possible, put lights on a timer so that it looks like someone is at home. Alternatively, use motion sensors that turn lights on when they detect movement. Nothing says “look what’s happening over here” better than a bright light that turns on when something moves nearby.

Keep Your Possessions Hidden

There’s no need to buy a giant safe and keep every valuable you own inside it. You can stop people from seeing your valuables by keeping blinds closed. Moreover, if you buy large, expensive items such as a flat-screen TV, then you should destroy the packaging and put it in the trash instead of putting the box outside your house for all to see.

Similarly, if you have an expensive car, keep it in a secured garage rather than an open driveway. If robbers see that you own lots of nice and expensive things, you will be a more valuable target for them.

Generic Security Signs

Don’t tell potential thieves what kind of security system you are using. Putting out a sign that says your property is protected by ADT gives thieves a heads-up about what they are dealing with.

Instead, use a generic sign that doesn’t advertise which brand of security system you are using. This will tell intruders that you have a system, but not give them clues about how to quickly disable your alarm.

Get a Dog

Dogs are great deterrents for potential intruders, and in most cases the bark is worse than the bite. A little dog which barks at the slightest noise might be a better proposition than a larger, more docile breed. A barking dog will alert you and your neighbors that something is amiss on your property.

The goal of protecting your property isn’t to build Fort Knox; instead you want to focus on making your property look uninviting for would-be thieves when compared to the other homes in your neighborhood.

Fortunately, there are some relatively cheap things you can do to ensure that your property is safe and secure. Improve lighting, reduce hiding places, keep your valuables away from view, and secure all entrances to your property to keep you and your family safe from unwanted intruders.


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