We Have 20 Years of Experience in Pest and Termite Control

How It All Works With Us

Contractor’s Best Pest Solution was founded in 2012 with the belief that Pest Control companies could provide great products and great customer service.

Our founder Sammy Baker started in the Pest Control industry 25 years ago and has worked as an executive for Orkin as well as Arrow Exterminators. Mr. Baker puts it this way “what I learned very quickly is, how to turn branches around. And how I did that was by retraining and hiring the correct people. I quickly found out that large companies are not very personable and a lot of times try to make customers fit in a box. And if they don’t fit in that box then they don’t do well with a big pest company. That’s not the way we wanted Contractor’s Best to be. We wanted to actually be consumer friendly and create policies to help clients. Each and every customer that we have.”

One of Contractor’s Best favorite features is their No Transfer Fee. “We have no transfer fee. So if we treat a house, we have it under warranty. So the home owner can transfer that when the home is sold to the new person. At no charge. That’s one of our policies. We also have lower cost renewals on an annual basis. Which makes this a very good value to our customers. We also tailor all of our pest control treatments.” explains Baker.

Very Big At Being Small

As a business that’s large enough to offer the latest and the best in pest management at affordable prices, Contractor’s Best is still small enough to get to know its customers on a personal level, and to care about them.

Environment consciousness is critical to the pest control business — not just because it helps the environment at large, but also because it greatly protects the environment within the home. A sensitive attitude is vital to ensuring that no pest control process used should degrade indoor air quality, even while the home is thoroughly protected from pest infestations.

Contractor’s Best is very strong in the real estate market. Thus the name. After 25 years of dealing in new construction we have learned how to make the pest control process easy for realtors and builders.


We focus on a WIN WIN WIN attitude. We make sure that our customers are happy, our realtors and builders and our staff. Everyone has to win for the situation to be a win. And that blends into our philosophy with our staff. If your staff is unhappy they will deliver less than desirable results. So we pride ourselves on offering great benefits and incentives to our own people as well.

The bottom line with Contractor’s Best Pest Control is 100% customer satisfaction. We will not feel a job is complete unless a client can tell us they are 100% happy. That is our guarantee.

Mr Baker is also the Membership Chair for the Buford Business Alliance and calls 12 Stone Church his church home.

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