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Atlanta Included in the Top Ten Cities to Grow in 2015

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When it comes to growth, Hotlanta is hotter than ever. The real peach of Georgia, Atlanta is forecasted to grow in leaps and bounds when it comes to its population and new jobs. Regarded as one of the top ten cities for growth in the country, Atlanta has exciting prospects on its horizon.

Strong Economic Growth

Atlanta has drawn considerable national attention because of its exciting economic growth. Driving this economy are new jobs. Last year, Atlanta witnessed nearly 100,000 new jobs. This year, Atlanta is expected to reach 140,000 new jobs. All these new jobs are driving the city’s economic growth and leading to increased prosperity. The strong economy is also bolstering the strengthening housing market. In fact, the market is in its final stages of recovery, adding to the overall excitement.

Public Transportation

Atlanta is a hub for transportation, which is one of the driving forces behind its growth. Atlanta isn’t just attracting new residents to its neighborhoods. It’s also attracting companies representing many industries. With access to a large transportation network, many businesses view Atlanta as a city with great promise. Home to the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is a proof in itself of Atlanta’s vibrant position on the map.

Thriving Communities

Atlanta is home to wide array of neighborhoods known for their affordable housing and various attractions. East Atlanta, for instance, is regarded as one of the hottest neighborhoods in Atlanta. It boasts historical attractions as well as restaurants, cafes, and shops. Many people are moving to the neighborhoods near the city center as well as Atlanta’s suburbs like Peachtree City, Norcross, and Decatur.

Low Cost of Living

One of the most exciting things about Atlanta is its overall low cost of living. Even so, Atlanta boasts a lot for the low cost of living it offers. From the celebrated Fox Theatre to beautiful Piedmont Park, Atlanta is filled with extraordinary landmarks and sites. Moreover, many communities have encouraged revitalization projects that add even more value to living and working there.

Green City

One of Atlanta’s claims to fame is its trees. With 53% tree coverage, Atlanta takes green living seriously. If you’re in search of an urban area that is complemented by green foliage, Atlanta is definitely a city to check out. Additionally, there are many ways Atlanta residents can enjoy their green surroundings. Many residents enjoy jogging on the new Beltway or strolling around Piedmont Park. Stone Mountain also attracts outdoor enthusiasts looking for an exciting place to hike. Atlanta balances urban features with natural ones better than most large cities throughout the US.

With its thriving economy and job market, Atlanta is a city to watch. As its housing market completes its full recovery and its unemployment numbers dwindle, Atlanta is showing no signs of reaching a plateau; on the contrary, its growth is wowing the nation and attracting a wide array of people and companies who are exciting to make Atlanta their new home.


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