Benefits of HOA Pest Control in Your Housing Development

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Offering pest control as part of a homeowner’s association contract is an excellent way to attract homebuyers. One of the first things people look for in open houses are signs of pest infestation. We here at Contractor’s Best Pest Solution understand why. We wouldn’t want to buy a home with termites. If you don’t have pest control as part of your HOA agreement, consider the following.

Keeps Common Areas Pest Free

One argument that many people have with their homeowner’s associations is who is responsible for what when it comes to pest control. Common areas are the HOA’s responsibility, and it’s crucial to keep them pest-free. This protects the common areas of the HOA, which makes the housing tract or condominium property more desirable in which to live. People want lovely, not pest-infested communal areas.

Helps Prevent Infestation Into Homes from Common Areas

Another reason why it’s important to keep the common areas free of pests is this helps prevent the pests from multiplying and moving into the residential spaces. Pests look for safety and shelter just as we do, which is why they come inside. They also need food and water. When you think as they do, you realize that infestations are not so much about being pests but more about survival.

Provides a Viable Service to Homeowners

Even if you keep the common areas pest-free, bug and critters can still make your homeowners’ homes their homes. Consider making pest control part of the HOA contract. This gives your homeowner’s peace of mind that they’re homes are protected from bats, bugs, and rodents. Check with local and state authorities to see if including pest control in the HOA agreement is legal in your area.

Keeps Property Values Up

Finally, as we said at the beginning of this blog post, people look for bugs when they walk through a home they’re considering purchasing. They also call for real estate pest inspections. When the common and living areas of your homeowner’s association are kept pest-free, they’re also kept pest-damage-free. This keeps the property values up in the HOA neighborhoods.

Located in Buford, GA, and servicing the surrounding areas, Contractor’s Best Pest Solution is an expert in real estate pest control. Set up an appointment with us to discuss the pest control needs of your homeowner’s association. You can reach us by dialing 678-765-6525, so give us a call today. We’d be happy to inspect your association’s neighborhoods and recommend comprehensive pest control solutions.

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