Benefits of Real Estate Termite Inspections

You can count on Contractor’s Best Pest Solution in your real estate transactions. Whether you are representing the buyer or the seller, you can schedule termite inspections with us to ensure that there isn’t a problem at your real estate properties. This not only helps you secure the deals, but it also gives your buyers peace of mind that they are moving into a home without an existing termite problem. Here are the benefits of termite inspections on real estate property.

Advanced Warning of Existing Pest Problems

Nobody wants to move into a home and find out that they have a pest problem. A termite inspection allows both potential buyers and the homes’ sellers to have the peace of mind they need before going into sales negotiations. A termite inspection can identify existing termite nests or areas where termites might come and nest eventually. If the home is infested with termites, this gives the seller a chance to treat the problem before they put their home on the market.

Uncovers Hidden Issues

A termite inspection uncovers more than just termite infestations. It also reveals wood damage, problems out in the yard, and gives the pest control service a chance to search for other pest infestations, including ants and cockroaches. Again, unless the home is being sold as-is, no buyer is going to want to purchase a home that has hidden termite damage or other pest control problems. The pre-sale inspection ensures everything is a-okay.

Boosts Negotiating Power

This, naturally, boosts your negotiating power, whether you are representing the buyer or seller. If you are representing the seller, and the home is free of termite infestations and damage, you can negotiate a higher selling price. If you are representing the buyer, and the home has termite infestation and damage problems, you can ask for thousands of dollars off the purchase price or demand that the homeowner fix the problem.

Prevents Buyer’s Remorse

Finally, real estate termite inspections prevent buyer’s remorse. You don’t want the real estate transaction to be marred by an unhappy customer. If you represent the buyers and they move into a home that has a termite problem, you will be the first person to hear about it. Avoid unhappy customers by ensuring that every piece of property that you sell is free of termites and other harmful pests. After all, word-of-mouth advertising is your best advertising.

Call Contractor’s Best Pest Solution in Buford, GA, to schedule termite inspections. You can also schedule a real estate termite inspection online.

Photo by hedgehog94 from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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