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Best Public Schools in and Around Atlanta

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When it comes to choosing a public school for your children, options run the gamut from schools that are outright failing to those that excel in almost every respect. Every parent wants their children to attend an exceptional school, but rank isn’t the only feature that should be assessed. Everything from classroom size to the focus of the curriculum and how it fits with your child’s interests should be factored into the decision. Here is an overview of some of the best schools in the Atlanta area to help you get started making your decision.

Elementary Schools

Elementary schools provide a foundation on which an entire life is built. They also provide early social learning that can set kids up for success in ways that are less tangible than test scores. Selecting a good elementary school is all about balancing individual attention with a good curriculum, caring teachers, and interested parents.

In the category of top public elementary schools in Atlanta, Brandon Elementary, Morningside Elementary, Jackson Elementary, Mount Bethel, Murdock, Due West, and Ford Elementary are ranked well by both professional educators and parents. These schools get rave reviews for the attention they give to students and the warm, supportive environments they offer.

When it comes to top public charter schools in Atlanta, Charles R. Drew, Clairemont, Winnona Park, Marietta Center for Advanced Academics, and Fulton Sunshine Charter Elementary School all rank very highly. Choose one of these charter schools because it offers a specific program or amenity that your child wants or requires and cannot easily find at another public school.

Middle School

Middle school is a time when children start to differentiate themselves from their peers. It is a time for exploration and for trying out different subjects and extracurricular to see which are most appealing and which might form the early basis for a career. Middle school is also a time when order, discipline, and practical life skills become more important. Select a school that is strong in academics, but that provides opportunities for both social and personal development.

Keep in mind that middle schools are setting your child up for high school. In some cases, middle schools will cater to children with special interests and help steer them toward some of the best high schools in their favored subjects. If your child has a strong preference for particular subjects (e.g. art, science, math, dance), then you may want to consider a middle school that offers a bit more specialization.

Top public middle schools in Atlanta include Hightower Trail, Mabry, Dickerson, Wadsworth Magnet School for High Achievers, DeKalb School of the Arts, Buford, Simpson, and Lost Mountain. Top charter middle schools in Atlanta include Charles R. Drew, Elite Scholars Academy, Renfroe, Kipp South Fulton, and DeKalb Path Academy. Note that charter schools tend to rank lower than standard public schools at this particular educational level.


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