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Best Tips to Give New Homeowners About Pest Control

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best-tips-to-give-new-homeowners-about-pest-controlAs a real estate broker, it is your job to find your clients the perfect home. Whether that perfect property is a starter home in the city, a cozy condo in the suburbs or a luxurious ranch in a more rural area, you work hard to make every client feel right at home.

Another big part of your job is getting your clients off to the best possible start in their brand new home. Moving into a new home can be an intimidating and disconcerting experience, but you can provide the advice and guidance they need to make their new house feel just like home.

Part of that responsibility is providing some basic pest control tips. It does not matter whether that new home is located in the middle of the city or the middle of nowhere – there are lots of other four and six-legged creatures who would love to move in. Sharing these tips with your clients can keep those pests at bay and make life more pleasant for everyone involved.

Look for Natural Solutions Where You Can

Keeping pests out of the house does not have to mean spraying harmful chemicals or risking poisoning the household pets. There are plenty of natural solutions to keep ants, mice and other unwanted visitors at bay, so put the chemicals away and enjoy a pest-free lifestyle.

From laying down a line of vinegars to discourage mice to planting mint in the garden to keep ants away, there are lots of natural pest control solutions out there. Buyers can also choose pest control sprays made with plant essences and other natural materials instead of relying on chemical-laden products.

Practice Smart Food Storage Hygiene

Whether it is mice, ants or cockroaches, those creepy crawlies are looking for a free meal. Practicing smart food storage hygiene is the number one thing your clients can do to keep household pests at bay.

Be sure to point out the storage features of the homes you sell, including the secure pantries, lockable drawers and the like. Being smart about food storage and not leaving leftovers on the counter are two of the most effective ways to keep pests out of the home.

Stay Vigilant

Vigilance always pays off when it comes to keeping pests out of the home, so tell your clients to watch for the telltale warning signs. Spotting a single mouse dropping could mean that dozens of the rodents have already moved in, and seeing a flying termite is a sure sign a mound is nearby.

Show your clients what to look for as you do your walkthrough, and make sure they know who to call if they suspect a pest control problem. Knowing where to turn and who to call will be very important should other pest control measures fail.

Seek Professional Help and Guidance

Homeowners with a single mouse can simply set a trap and wait for a strike, but a colony of mice is a whole other story. Be sure your clients know when to seek help with a pest control problem, since dealing with a major infestation is not a DIY project.

It is easy for a pest control issue to get out of hand, so make sure your clients understand the importance of acting fast and seeking help when it is needed. Timely attention to a termite infestation, mouse colony or ant problem can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and serious home damage.


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