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Termites are some of the most destructive household pests in the country, causing hundreds or even thousands of dollars of damage, but they often go unnoticed until it is too late. Termites usually reside in walls, basements, and in the earth just outside your home, and they can feed on almost any plant-based material. If you think you have a termite problem, Pest Control Atlanta Contractor’s Best can help you decide the best course of action to get your home pest free. These four signs can indicate that it may be time to call Contractor’s Best.

Swarms of Bugs

A termite infestation is usually very subtle until a large amount of damage has already been done, but if you can see the termites swarming occasionally around doorways, windows, or in basements or attics, you need to call a professional. There are many different varieties of termites, but most are about the size of an ant or a little bit larger; are tan, white, brown, or black in color; and stay with their colonies, so you wouldn’t likely see one termite on its own. Some of them have wings, while others are more noticeable for the pincers on their mouths.

Wings or Frass

Long before you see a swarm of actual termites, you will probably notice the wings or droppings (frass) that the termites leave behind. Check windowsills, baseboards, and open ceiling beams for shed wings or frass. Like the termites themselves, frass can vary from species to species, so keep an eye open for anything that looks suspicious. Frass usually looks like a small pile of dirt, light to dark brown, and could be confused with wood shavings that a carpenter bee might leave behind if you don’t look closely.

Mud Tubes

Not all types of termites make mud tubes, but if you see them along the outside walls of your house or inside basements or crawlspaces, you definitely have termites lurking nearby. Mud tubes are exactly what they sound like – tubes made of mud, about the thickness of a pencil, that some termites use to travel from their underground homes to the wood they have been eating. While they are sometimes immediately noticeable, many mud tubes are run in the corner of two walls or along baseboards or ceiling beams, which makes them harder to spot than mud tubes that simply travel up a wall. Inspect the foundations of your house and crawlspaces carefully for mud tubes.

Hollow Walls

Sometimes, the only evidence termites leave of their existence is the damage that they cause. Tap the walls throughout your home and listen for a hollow sound, where termites may have eaten away at the wood inside. Termites can also destroy books and important paperwork, so it would be a good idea to periodically check any paper products you have if you are concerned that you may have termites.

Get Inspected

Even if you only see one mud tube, a single pile of frass, or have no visible evidence of termites at all, the best way to be sure that you won’t be the victim of a destructive pest is to get your home inspected. Pest Control Atlanta Contractor’s Best can determine whether you have a termite problem and the best method for eradicating the pests if you do. Call Contractor’s Best today if you think you may have termites.

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