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East Atlanta Ranks #3 for Hottest Neighborhoods in the US

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Regarded as the third-hottest neighborhood in the country, according by Atlanta Business Journal, the East Atlanta neighborhood is a great place to hang your hat. In fact, buyers are now scrambling to check out real estate in this area before prices begin to climb. With its location near the city and myriad of restaurants, bars, and shops, East Atlanta is an affordable place to live with a wide array of great features.

Vibrant Community with Historic Appeal

East Atlanta was the site of the Battle of Atlanta near the end of the Civil War. In fact, residents of the city are long familiar with markers associated with the battle including two upturned canons that commemorate the deaths of Confederate General Walker and Union General McPherson. Broader Atlanta, of course, also boasts markers of the Civil War along with considerable historic architecture, but East Atlanta is definitely a hub for Civil War history.

Affordable In-Town Housing

East Atlanta wasn’t always such a vibrant place to live. During the 1980s, for instance, the community suffered real estate problems. Many area homes were valued far less than other properties of the city. Grassroots efforts, on the other hand, led the city to revitalize so that today, it remains affordable, but also prosperous. Many residents enjoy their close proximity to the city without paying exorbitant price tags for that convenience. Many residents who work in the city proper find East Atlanta to be an enticing place to purchase real estate simply because of its location and thriving community.

Great Location

Because East Atlanta is just over three miles from downtown Atlanta, it definitely boasts a convenient location for people who work in the city or simply love to enjoy its many attractions. Since the 1990s, many businesses have been investing in East Atlanta and setting up shop, which in turn, has also attracted many home buyers. The last decade as witnessed an amazing community-wide revitalization that continues to this day.

Neighborhood Events

While the prices of the real estate draw many people to East Atlanta, the neighborhood itself has a lot to offer. Many residents enjoy the annual fests and farmers markets that East Atlanta is known for like the EAV farmers market and festivals like the East Atlanta Strut that features music, art, and a 5K run. East Atlanta boasts an inviting community that many newcomers to the city find hard to resist.

Hip Atlanta Living at Its Finest

East Atlanta has developed a reputation as a smart and hip place to invest and purchase real estate. Noted for its wide array of restaurants, bars, and shopping venues, East Atlanta is also celebrated for its lack of pretention and welcoming sense of community.

If you are looking for a community to invest in, you might check out East Atlanta, one of the hottest neighborhoods in the country. With its historic appeal and cultural attractions, this community is only getting hotter by the day.



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