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Employment Forecast for Atlanta in 2015

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As one of the most vibrant cities in the South, Atlanta is certainly an economic hub for the state of Georgia. Predictions regarding employment are optimistic for 2015. According to Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta is poised to add roughly 140,000 jobs this year of all goes according to plan. This is great news for Atlanta’s residents as well as for job hunters who are considering a move to the city.

Atlanta’s Enthusiastic Job Growth

Experts believe that Atlanta has not witnessed so much potential for job growth since back in 1996 when the Olympics were held in the city. Last year, Atlanta added close to 100,000 jobs. With more jobs on the horizon, the city is likely to see in an influx in new residents hoping to gain by this astounding job growth. The job boom may be in part due to people’s renewed faith in the economy as well as low interest rates and reduced gas prices. By attracting big business to the city like Mercedes-Benz, Atlanta is opening all kinds of doors for new job opportunities for its residents.

Atlanta’s Economy

Reports of Atlanta’s economy are also extremely encouraging. Driving the economy, of course, is the stable and growing job market, but increasing construction and new businesses setting up shop in the city have a lot to do with Atlanta’s thriving economic scene today. The recovering housing market has also been supporting Atlanta’s economy and does its thriving transportation network.

Leading the South

According to many reports, the South is experiencing exciting economic growth and, in many ways, Atlanta is leading the way. The city’s job growth is attracting skilled and educated workers to the city and its transportation network makes it particularly appealing to businesses, both international and domestic. Reasonable business costs and overall cost of living also add to Atlanta’s considerable appeal.

Where Are the Jobs?

Many of Atlanta’s jobs are coming to the city center, but reports suggest that job growth is occurring throughout the Atlanta region. The service and tourism industries are witnessing growth as is the construction industry. Many environmentalists are excited that Atlanta is creating more jobs in the solar power industry. In fact, Athens Online asserts that the state is creating jobs in solar energy “6 times faster” than what other states are doing. Professional and business sectors are also witnessing steady job growth.

Reduction in Unemployment

As of the end of 2014, Atlanta’s unemployment rate was hovering around 6.5%. This figure is down from 7% from October. With more new jobs opening up in multiple sectors and industries, this figure may decline yet. The city is also hoping that the prospective job growth encourages more labor force participation, which has only been sitting around 63%.

Atlanta has great promise in store for job seekers. Moreover, with its strong economy and exciting economic prospects, this city is definitely moving in a positive direction. It’s not surprising that many people are considering making Atlanta their new home.



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