Enjoy a Summertime Free of These Pests

Summertime in Georgia is the time for days for relaxing in the shade, playing outside, and summertime pests. This summer don’t let these pests turn your backyard oasis into a nightmare. The team at Contractor’s Best is here to help you prevent and fix all your pest issues, inside and out.


There is nothing that ruins a backyard cookout faster than an onslaught of mosquitoes. Not only that, but they have been known to carry and spread viruses and diseases. While Contractor’s Best offers outdoor mosquito treatments to combat as many of these pesky insects as we can, there are other things your can do to make your yard less attractive to mosquitoes. If there are two things they love they are places to hide and standing water. By getting rid of any standing water in your yard and keeping your grass cut short, you can make your yard less habitable for mosquitoes.


Chiggers are so tiny you may not know that you have even come in contact with them until you a rash starts to develop and the itching begins. Much like mosquitoes and ticks, keeping your grass trimmed and calling Contractor’s Best for treatment will help you control your yard’s chigger population.

Fleas & Ticks

You love your fur babies as much as they love you and they deserve to be protected from obnoxious fleas & ticks. Even with treatment and medicine from your veterinarian, it is still possible for your pets to pick up the fleas & ticks lurking in the grass and carry them into your home. Don’t worry, Contractor’s Best is here to help protect your entire family from the discomfort that fleas & ticks can bring.

Fire Ants

Stepping in a fire ant hill is a quick way to ruin outdoor fun for kids as well as adults. There are many fire ants treatment on the market, but when it comes to pests, we think it is always best to trust the experts.

Wasps & Hornets

Wasps and hornets are known for being able to build their nests just about anywhere. Behind shutters, under overhangs, and even under your car’s hood. While there are things you can do to avoid attracting wasps, sometimes you just need to call in the professionals.

For all your summertime pest control needs, you can trust the experts at Contractor’s Best Pest Solution. Call us in Buford, GA, today to schedule a consultation.


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