Exciting Advancements In Pest Control

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The pest control industry has some exciting advancements in the works to help them in their fight against bugs and rodents. This is great news for you, the customer. The better we learn how to control pest populations in safe and effective manners the less you need to worry about pests. Contractor’s Best Pest Solution is on the cutting edge of pest control. Here are some new approaches to extermination.

Safe Control Products

In the past, pest control was unsafe for your family, your pets and the environment. The pest control industry is working to change this with what we call “bio-rational materials.” These materials are nontoxic to everything other than the pests they target. For example, when pheromones are used to attract and traps pests, there’s no need for poisons. This approach is already being used to trap rodents, and scientists are testing to see how well pheromones will work to trap and remove insects, as well.


Another part of a bio-rational approach to pest control is prevention. For example, if an insect or rodent does not have the means it needs to survive, such as a food source and shelter, it will not infiltrate a residential or commercial space. Think about cockroach control. Oftentimes, poison isn’t needed unless there is already an infestation. If you keep your home clean, food stored in airtight containers, and seal all openings to prevent access from the outdoors, cockroaches will not be attracted to your space.

Birth Control

Some pest control companies use birth control to prevent pests such as pigeons. Rather than kill the birds, pest control companies prevent the pigeons from procreating to reduce populations. This approach is currently being considered to control rodents, too, including mice and rats. This keeps them from having babies and avoids the need for dangerous poisons. When you combine this with prevention as discussed above, you can stop rodent infestations by blocking access and the birth cycle.


We get a lot of flies in Buford, GA, and baits are an excellent way to reduce their numbers quickly. Fly baits attract the pests to the trap with insect food. Once the flies land to eat the food, they are stuck on a sticky surface that has insecticide to kill them quickly. Unlike fly traps that use water, these traps do not have an unpleasant odor and they kill the flies within one minute. The baits can be used indoors and outdoors and they catch everything from horse flies to fungus gnats.

Contractor’s Best Pest Solution incorporates advanced control solutions as they become available to us to better control your pests.


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