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Five Signs Your Real Estate Property Is Infested With Termites

As a real estate agent, you know how devastating termite infestations can be to home sales. It’s important to have any property you are considering representing inspected to make sure that there aren’t any termites causing damage. Contractor’s Best Pest Solution can help with this, and we can help if the property is infested. Here are five signs that you’re dealing with a piece of real estate property that has some unwanted guests.

1. Flooring Blisters

If termites are burrowing through the wood flooring, you will see blisters on top. In some cases, this looks like water damage but it is actually termite damage. It’s important to inspect all wood flooring thoroughly to make sure you don’t see any signs of termites feeding below the flooring. Termites will also feed inside of the wood flooring.

2. Wood Damage

Of course, damaged wood is definitely a sign of termites. You will see the damage in the wood flooring as discussed above as well as in wood floorboards, walls, and other wood accents. The damage looks like grooves in the wood surfaces and this is caused by the termites hollowing the wood out not only to eat but also to create their nests.

3. Wings

Look around the windows and doors for termite wings. Termites discard their wings once they gain access to the home. This is evidence that you have termite swarms on the real estate property likely both indoors and outdoors. The discarded wings are also a sign that the termites are mating, which means you’ll have more termites.

4. Tubes

Outside, termites create something called “mud tubes.” These are usually found at the base of the home and are the size of a pencil. You can also find mud tubes around other standing wood structures such as sheds and at the bottom of trees. Mud tubes are definitely a sign that the property is infested with termites and needs professional extermination help.

5. Droppings

Things at the base of wood that resemble coffee grounds or pellets are actually termite droppings. As the termites burrow through the wood, they kick out their excrement. Termites eat wood, so the droppings are made of wood. If you see a ton of coffee grounds at the base of any wood surface, this is definitely a sign that you have termites.

Contractor’s Best Pest Solution in Buford, GA, works specifically with real estate agents and real estate property to ensure that home sales go through without a hitch. You can schedule a termite inspection by filling out our online form.

Photo by Valentynsemenov via Canva Pro

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