Fleas & Your Dog

Whether you share your home with a single dog or more than one, you need to take the threat of fleas very seriously. Fleas are always looking for two things – a free ride and a free meal – and they can find both when they hop on your dog.

Know If It Is Flea Bites

Once they have made your dog their home, those fleas will bite mercilessly, drawing blood and leaving your dog miserable. Worse yet, many dogs are actually allergic to flea bites. If you notice that your four-legged best friend has broken out in a red itchy rash, those troublesome flea bites could be to blame.

Disinfect Your Home

So how do you protect your best friend from the ever-present scourge of fleas? If fleas have already invaded your home, the first thing you will need to do is disinfect your home. If you see a single flea, you can rest assured that hundred, or even thousands, of their friends are hiding nearby, ready to jump on your dog and start the whole cycle over again.

Flea eggs and larvae can also embed themselves in fibers of your carpet, burrowing deep and hiding where even the most powerful vacuum cannot reach. If you have fleas in your home and your rug, you need professional help to get rid of them. Calling a professional pest control expert is the best way to get rid of those fleas and give yourself, and your dog, a fresh start.

Prevent Fleas In The Future

Once your home has been disinfected and certified flea free, you can focus on protecting your dog from future infestations. Start by talking to your vet about flea control – there are many great options on the market today. Some of the most effective are topical drops that are placed directly on the dog’s skin, soaking in and providing a full month of protection from adult fleas, flea eggs and larvae.

Prescription-strength flea collars are another option, and they can provide a full season’s worth of protection without the hassle or expense of topical drops. You should talk to your vet before choosing a flea collar, since not all are safe for your dog.

Eternal vigilance is also key to keeping your dog free of fleas and keeping your home itch-free. You should keep a close eye on your dog, watching for telltale signs like itching and scratching, rashes and biting at their sides.

If you spot any of these problems, go over your dog with a flea collar, check the results and consult Contractor’s Best Pest Solution ​if you spot any of those troublesome little hitchhikers.


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