Help! Why Do Cockroaches Keep Infesting My Kitchen?

Nobody wants to flip on the kitchen light at zero-dark-thirty and see scattering. All you want is your first cup of coffee before a busy day. You don’t need to deal with cockroaches infesting your kitchen again. Cockroaches cannot survive a nuclear bomb, contrary to popular belief, but they are incredibly resilient and persistent pests. Contractor’s Best Pest Solution says if you get into their tiny minds, you’ll discover why they’re so interested in moving into your home and causing a cockroach problem.

They’re Hungry

We all need food to survive and cockroaches are not an exception to the rule. Cockroaches can find food sources where you least expect them, which is why your first defense against the next cockroach invasion is removing all potential meals. Don’t leave any food on the counter or dirty dishes in the sink. Wipe your counters and stove clean after every meal, too. Finally, rinse out all food containers before you throw them away or toss them in the recycling bin and store leftovers in airtight containers. Take out your garbage every night, too. Think sterile. Clean your kitchen thoroughly, even under the appliances, and keep it clean to avoid even the slightest crumb for a cockroach to find.

They’re Thirsty

Cockroaches need water to survive, too. If you think about it, they aren’t that much different than we are – well, okay, yes they are but you’ll see as you keep reading that they have the same basic survival needs we have. Cockroaches love water and they can survive in it for quite awhile. They will find ways to get into your home through your plumbing fixtures, even if you flush water down them frequently. For example, if you have a cracked shower drain pipe, a cockroach will crawl up through the drain to enter into your home because it is looking for water in the first place. Make sure your plumbing system is free of cracks or holes. Caulk your bathroom and kitchen fixtures properly to avoid cockroaches making their way through the walls. Dry out mats, sponges, towels, and washcloths after use.

They’re Hot or Cold

Finally, cockroaches want to move into your home so they have shelter. It’s important to protect your home from all pests, including cockroaches, by repairing any exterior damage that figuratively opens the door to them. Repair foundation damage, structural damage, cracks or holes that lead from the outside into your home. Repair roof leaks, too, as cockroaches can climb. Make sure you have all of your doors and windows sealed, including weather stripping around them, and keep your exterior space free of clutter, as cockroaches will nest in piles of foliage and junk. Don’t give them shelter because if you do, they’ll turn into squatters. They don’t pay rent.

Call Contractor’s Best Pest Solutions in Buford, GA, for professional solutions to your cockroach problem. We’ll protect your home from these annoying pests.


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