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Hot Areas of Strong Growth in and Around Atlanta

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The Atlanta area has been undergoing a period of rapid growth recently, as more and more people discover the warm climate, welcoming people and ample job opportunities that exemplify the region. Like many large cities, Atlanta is not a single entity. Rather it is a combination of many different neighborhoods and areas, each with their own distinctive character.

Some of these neighborhoods are on the decline, but many more are on the rise. Whether you are coming to Atlanta for a visit or thinking of making it your home, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the many unique neighborhoods that make up the Atlanta metro area.

Here is a list of some of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the Atlanta region. These neighborhoods have all been undergoing rapid growth, and in many cases fast gentrification. Some of these regions have seen steep rises in property values, while others remain quite affordable.

Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta is dominated by an ever-changing landscape of skyscrapers, office towers and high-rise apartment buildings. The downtown neighborhood is already home to a number of four-star and five-star hotels – most major chains are represented here. In addition to those chain properties, downtown Atlanta is home to a growing number of boutique hotels, along with quality apartment buildings and other residential choices.

Midtown Atlanta

As is the case with many older cities, the line between downtown and midtown Atlanta has never been officially drawn. Many residents, however, use the popular Ponce de Leon Avenue as the demarcation point between downtown and midtown.

Midtown Atlanta remains a vibrant and diverse part of the city, boasting the famous Georgia Tech campus and plenty of student housing. There is ample residential real estate in the midtown neighborhood as well, and many new Atlanta residents are choosing to make this area their home.

East Atlanta

The East Atlanta neighborhood has been undergoing a rapid gentrification process, moving quickly from an undesirable area to one of the hottest parts of the city. Many new businesses have moved into East Atlanta, making it one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in this vast city.

The influx of new businesses has brought in new residents, some moving from other parts of the city and others new to the region. The gentrification of East Atlanta has led to an increase in housing prices, but many urban planning experts think there is still room for growth.


The Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta has also been undergoing rapid growth, but it is more of a mixed bag than East Atlanta. Buckhead is home to some of the fanciest (and most expensive) properties in the Atlanta metro region, but it has still retained is grittier side. Even so, many residents of Buckhead would not live anywhere else, and it remains one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the city.

Like most cities its size, the Atlanta region is a diverse collection of neighborhoods and personalities. Some parts of the city have retained their southern charm, while others are thoroughly modern. From the towering office buildings of downtown to the rapidly growing neighborhoods to the east to the gritty sections of Buckhead, Atlanta remains a cosmopolitan city, and more and more people are choosing to make it their home.


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