How Pests Affect Home Insurance Policies

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Home Insurance policies help us sleep well at night. We know that the protections they provide are vast and wide. They cover many things and there is an additional addendum that can be added. However, there is an area that is not usually covered which may surprise many people. Certain pests that invade our home and cause serious damage are not covered by our home insurance policies. This is a scary area for homeowners. Here is a list of pests that are usually not covered by home insurance policies.


Termites are tiny but can cause major, expensive damage. The damage that is caused by termites is usually unknown for a long period of time. By the time a homeowner finds out about the termites, the damage is already done. The cost to cure this damage to your home is extensive, however, not usually covered by home insurance policies. These tiny pests usually can be prevented by routine maintenance. Therefore, you should contact Contractor’s Best to provide your routine maintenance in order to prevent termite damage that is costly to repair.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants can damage your wood because they bury themselves within it. These pests take a long time to cause the damage, however, it is no less devastating and expensive. Since they their time digging and creating tunnels in your wood, these pests are difficult to locate before it is too late. They are deeply embedded in your property and expensive to get cured. Again, homeowners insurance policies generally do not pay for remediation of wood insects. Due to the length of time it takes, routine maintenance should be your primary source of saving your home and your money.

Since home insurance policies are becoming more restrictive, in Buford, Georgia and around the county, it is wise to contact us to schedule your pest maintenance routine that is best for you. More often, home insurance policies are excluding damage that could have been prevented. They are only covering sudden onset damage. The result is that the homeowner will be left responsible for the cost of getting rid of the pest and any damage caused by the pest. However, if there are damages that are caused by the fallen of beams that immediately cause damage, it appears that generally, policies would cover such damage. Still, the underlying cause of such damage would not be covered. It is advisable to contact us today.


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