How to Keep Your College Dorm Pest Free

College life can be exciting, but it can also be a bit messy. When it comes to good dorm hygiene, pest control is an important part of the equation. There’s nothing more stressful than having a big exam coming up and being forced to worry about uninvited pests. In order to keep your dorm clean this semester, check out these helpful tips to keep pests at bay.

Check Belongings

Unfortunately, some pests like to “hitch a ride” when people move. Before you and your roommates move in, check your stuff to make sure there are no hitchhikers lurking. Spiders and roaches like to hide in dark places like cardboard boxes and furniture. Just do a quick visual check to ensure that everything you bring into the dorm is clean and pest-free.

Dispose of Trash Correctly

Between the endless amounts of pizza and soda, trash can build up pretty fast. Make sure you always throw out empty food containers after you use them. Find out from your dorm where the closest trash collection area is so that these things don’t start to pile up in your room. The trash procedure is likely different from what you’re used to at home, so don’t be afraid to ask about it if you’re not sure. Seal up trash bags before you dump them in the dumpster or community garbage bins.

Clean Your Room!

Sure, you’ve already heard this your entire life, but keeping a clean room really does matter. It’s easy to get slack about a clean dorm room, but food crumbs and general stuff can add up quickly. A dirty room is a prime living spot for pests like mice and roaches. You definitely don’t want those to be your new roommates, so practice good cleaning habits to keep them out. Regular sweeping and vacuuming should be done to keep your space tidy and free of bugs and other pests.

Store Food Responsibly

Some dorms may have a small kitchenette in the rooms, while others may just allow a mini-fridge. Either way, make sure that any food you keep is stored tightly so pests won’t be tempted. Use airtight containers for things like snacks and cereal. Always put leftovers back in the refrigerator when you’re done eating. Anything made of metal or plastic should keep pesky mice and other bugs out of your delicious leftover Chinese food.

With these easy tips, you can enjoy the perks of dorm and college life minus the annoying and dangerous pests.

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