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How To Prevent an Ant Infestation In Your Home

The summer months should be full of rest and relaxation, but if your home has become victim to an ant infestation thanks to the warmer weather, your summer vacation might just end up infuriatingly stressful! Ants are one of the most common household pests in the south, as they love the warm weather and the lush greenery found here. And during the summer months, they’re in constant search of food, which means they can easily find their way to your home. Thankfully, there are a few things that homeowners like you can do to prevent ant infestations and keep your household clean!

Take Note of Where You See Ants

If you happen to see just one or two ants in your home, don’t ignore them, as they could be scout ants leaving a trail for the whole colony! If you see a few rogue ants here and there, take note and take action before you get an entire infestation.

Clean All of The Surfaces

Because ants are constantly searching for their next food source, any surface in your home that has crumbs or other food particles will attract ants almost immediately. To stop ants from entering your home, take away any reason for them to visit! This means doing your dishes right away instead of letting them sit in the sink and wiping down any surfaces that you handle food on to make sure that all the crumbs are cleaned off.

Keep Food in Sealed Containers

Just like with food crumbs on counters, ants will be attracted to food that has been left open. In order to prevent this, keep any pantry items sealed tightly, and put your leftovers in a well-sealed Tupperware container.

Seal Any Cracks in Your Home

If you’ve noticed any cracks in your home, that can be a gateway to an ant infestation. Sealing any open cracks along windows, doors, and the foundation of your home with caulk can take away a major place where ants can enter your home.

Use Sprays, Baits, and Repellants

There are several baits, sprays, and repellants available for you to use on your property to help combat ant infestations, which can be used either in your home, along the perimeter of the house, or even in the yard to stop ants before they can even get inside!

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