How to Prevent Winter Pests

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It is a common misconception that as summer comes to a close so does pest season. While you may no longer have to deal with Georgia mosquitoes and fleas, there are still pests that can come in and make your life miserable. Contractor’s Best wants to keep you informed about winter pests and help you prevent an infestation. If you find yourself having an issue with any winter pests, give us a call.

Prevent Winter Pests

We always like to think that the best defense against any pests is prevention. Here are the most common winter pests and the best ways to keep them from ruining your holiday season.


Squirrels are cute when they are out in your yard scurrying around the trees, but squirrels in your home and attic can cause a lot of damage and are actually a major fire hazard.  Make sure your trees and bushes are trimmed enough that squirrels can’t use the branches to get on your roof and get access to your attic. You should locate and seal any cracks or holes around your home to keep squirrels who are seeking warmth from entering. We also recommend adding screens to your vents and capping your chimney.

Mice and Rats

Just because it is winter doesn’t mean that mice and rats are taking a break. Always remember to keep food sealed and stored. Metal and glass containers are the best options because mice can chew through plastic Tupperware. Mice can fit through dime-sized holes so it is important to locate and seal any holes or cracks with something other than wood, which they can chew through. We recommend using something like silicone caulk or even cement if possible.

Fruit Flies

With our mild weather, fruit flies can continue to drive you crazy through the winter. Check the weather stripping on your doors and replace or repair any that are damaged. Fix leaking pipes and faucets in your bathrooms and kitchen. The biggest thing to remember is to avoid leaving ripe fruits or vegetables out. Put them in the refrigerator to keep them from attracting fruit flies.

For these and any other winter pests, prevention is key. If you notice signs of any unwanted visitors this season, give Contractor’s Best Pest Solution in Buford, GA, a call today. Our team of pest control experts are here to help you get rid of and prevent pests all year long.


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