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How To Safely Get a Raccoon Out of Your House

Oh no! A raccoon has ended up in your house. Having raccoons in your house is not an uncommon occurrence, especially if you’ve left a back door open and unchecked, or you have a cat or dog door. Most likely, you’ll find the raccoon inside your house has ended up in your kitchen, usually hiding out in your pantry or garbage can. And while these creatures may look cute, they can be easily frightened and shocked, meaning that they are prone to biting and scratching if you come too close to them too suddenly. So to keep both yourself and the raccoon safe, it’s important to remove them from your household with care.

Remain Calm and Collected

The most important part of taking care of any larger pest problem is to stay calm and collected so that you don’t shock or scare the animal, causing them to scurry away. When getting a raccoon out of your house, it’s important to not panic and keep a healthy distance between you and the animal so no one ends up with any bites or scratches.

Open All of Your Windows and Doors

Once you have spotted where the raccoon is in your house, close off any doors or entrances that lead to other parts of the house, and open up any windows and doors that lead outside. This will prevent the raccoon from getting deeper into other areas of your home, and give them ample space to find their way outside.

Guide The Raccoon Out With a Broom or Pole

Once your windows and doors are open and there’s enough space for the raccoon to get out, you’re going to want to approach the raccoon slowly with a broom or pole and slowly usher them out of your house. A broom will work best, as the softer bristles will be less likely to harm or frighten the raccoon so they can get out of the house safely.

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Photo by Branislav from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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