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Many of us would, understandably, prefer to take care of a pest problem before professional help is needed. There are hundreds of pest control products available to the public which can eradicate a pest infestation if the infestation isn’t too severe. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to underestimate the severity of a bug problem, or simply wait too long to call a professional. Here are some ways to know whether you may safely and effectively be able to get rid of those pests, or whether you need to give Pest Control Atlanta Contractor’s Best a call.

Roaches and Termites

If you see a cockroach in your home for the first time, you may be able to take care of the problem if you act right away. Roaches reproduce extremely quickly, however, so if you hesitate to act you may need to call an exterminator within a few days of seeing the first cockroach. Roach bait, traps, or poison may work if you only have one or two of these pests, but going straight to a roach bomb is likely the best idea if you want to make sure the problem is dealt with. Termites, on the other hand, don’t usually leave any evidence of their invasion until there are already too many to get rid of on your own, so call a professional right away if you suspect that you may have termites.

Mice and Rats

Mice tend to be easier to boot out than bugs, but if they are already nesting in your walls you may be fighting an uphill battle with only the use of mouse or rat traps. It is always a good idea to try setting a few mouse traps and see what you catch, but if you still see brave mice running across your floor, or if you can hear a persistent squeaking or scratching in your walls, it is time to move on to more drastic measures. Pest Control Atlanta Contractor’s Best will get rid of these disease-spreading rodents with methods that are both effective and safe for children and pets.

Ants, Fleas, Spiders, and Other Bugs

Many people wait far too long to call an exterminator when it comes to bugs like ants, spiders, and fleas. However, spiders can be dangerous, fleas often carry diseases, and ants are almost as difficult to eradicate as roaches. If you see one flea or ant, the chances are good that there are more around, so call a professional if swift preliminary measures don’t work within a few days. The presence of a poisonous spider or other poisonous creature should be taken immediately to the pros; don’t wait for someone in your home to get bitten in their sleep. Contractor’s Best, Atlanta’s best pest control company, will arrive quickly to determine where your pests are coming from and create an effective pest control plan that will work for your family. When it comes to the health and safety of your home and the people in it, you can trust Pest Control Atlanta Contractor’s Best.

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