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Knowing When to Call in a Pest Exterminator

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Not every bug or creature that enters your home is a pest — ladybugs, for instance, are good for your garden. Most spiders are good, too — they are nature’s original pest-control army, eating up bugs and other creepy crawlies in your house. If you see spiders, though, you should know that they are probably there for the abundant food insect supplies available. Spiders are a sign of an insect problem.

This is only one example of the way you need to think to understand when you need to call in professional exterminators. It isn’t just about making the call when your home is overrun with termites or bedbugs. It’s also about catching a problem before it gets out of hand. You’re always likely to save money when you recognize a problem in its early stages.

When the people next door call exterminators

Extermination activity in one house will usually result in pests escaping to nearby homes. Anyone who calls an exterminator should always talk to his neighbors and warn them of what to expect. They need to get everyone in their apartment block or on the same side of the street as them to order defensive extermination service. Alternatively, if you see a neighbor getting his home treated, you should call in an expert right away.

Think about the season

Pest infestations tend to rise and fall in different seasons. In general, pests tend to like the same level of warmth as humans. In winter, then, a spike in your pest problems is only to be expected. Anticipating seasonal pest problems, you can save yourself a great deal trouble by calling exterminators in ahead of time.

Consider your neighborhood’s pest reputation

If you live in an area that tends to have pest problems, you should be on the lookout for an infestation even if you don’t see one. Not all pest problems are visible to the untrained eye. You could suffer the effects of a pest situation without actually seeing anything. Reading up on how to identify signs of pest activity, then, is always a good idea.

In some cases, regular visits may be called for

Cockroaches and silverfish usually stay away for no more than two months after a treatment. If your area has a cockroach problem, then, you might as well sign up for regular visits.

Before you move into a new house

New homes, even if they seem clean and free of pest troubles, could hide problems under the floorboards. It’s always a good idea to have any new home professionally checked out before you agree to buying it or renting it.

Exterminators can only clean up your home if you call them in. If your home has routine infestation problems, you should establish a relationship with an extermination service to have them treat your home from time to time. Catching a problem before it gets out of hand is the best way to keep costs under control.


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