New Construction Pest Control Prevents Permanent Infestations

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Whether you’re a private property owner building your dream home or a construction company, it’s important to employ professional pest control methods throughout the phases of construction. Construction stirs up unseen pests and the framing alone can invite termites to make the new home their permanent residence. Contractor’s Best Pest Solution can help. Here’s how.

Pre-Construction Treatment

Professional pest control prevents infestations before they start. Working with bare land gives us a chance to find all of the pests and mitigate them before the structure goes up. For example, we will

  • Look for and put down a chemical barrier against termites and ants
  • Monitor the land and surrounding areas to identify hidden pests
  • Check for water sources that attract pests, such as ponds
  • Check the land after it’s been graded for underground pests

This employs prevention, which is the best medicine for many things, including pests. Construction can commence with the confidence that pests won’t be a problem.

Construction Treatment

This doesn’t mean that pests won’t try to invade the structure while it’s being built. As we said above, construction invites pests. To prevent this headache, during construction, we will

  • Treat construction waste to avoid pest infestations
  • Remain alert for rodents and other pests disrupted by the construction
  • Inspect construction materials to ensure they aren’t infested
  • Offer pest control in excavated areas, pipe bedding, and other places

We’ll work with you to ensure nothing you bring onto the construction site is infested. We’ll also help prevent pests from moving into garbage piles and excavated areas.

Post-Construction Treatment

Once the project is complete, we will still be here for you. Despite our best efforts, obstinate pests might still try to make the new home their new home; it’ll be tempting. As such, we will

  • Inspect for and seal all cracks and holes
  • Treat the exterior and interior of the home
  • Inspect the land again for indigenous pests
  • Make recommendations for future pest control

The success of your construction project hangs on, in part, how you control potential pests. Remember, construction itself is a huge attractor for insects and rodents. Prevention is key.

Why Are Pests Attracted to Construction Sites?

The reason why pests are so attracted to construction sites is that there are plenty of places to nest and hide. As the foundation and plumbing systems are being dug and built, pests can infiltrate the excavated area. New materials can introduce pests if the contractor isn’t aware they are infested. Waste, such as cardboard, wood pieces, and plastic make the perfect nesting homes. Supply piles do, as well.

Don’t take chances on your construction project. Call Contractor’s Best Pest Solution in Buford, GA, for construction pest control services today.

Photo by Leekris from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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