New Construction

Bora-Care is the greenest pest control product available during the building process and it is what Contractor’s Best Pest Solution uses as their standard pest control product. Bora-Care comes with a 12 year warranty. Don’t pay the high price of baits!

New Construction Pest Control Company Atlanta

  • Bora-Care remains effective longer because it is not exposed to sunlight or rain.
  • Minimizes exposure for family and pets.
  • Exterior & interior inspections annually.
  • Green Exterior treatment upon request.
  • Roaches & ants cannot harbor nests in Bora-Care treated walls.
  • Save up to $1600 over 12 years!

Quarterly Perimeter (Exterior) Pest Control Program – We Think Like Bugs™

Over the past few years, we have developed a service that is unique to our climate and environment. this service focuses on the use of cutting edge technology and products. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most convenient, safest, and highest quality of service possible.

With the development of new control products, we have seen a dramatic decrease in the need for routinely applying products on the interior of homes, especially when there are no specific pest problems. Once we complete the initial interior and exterior treatment, our experience has been that most of the pest problems we encounter originate from the exterior. With additional attention given to the quarterly exterior treatments and utilization of the latest in long-lasting baiting and monitoring technology, we eliminate the need for routine treatment of the interior of your home.