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No More Roaches: 6 Ways to Keep Roaches Out

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Roaches are not only a source of social embarrassment; they also pose tremendous risk to your family’s health. They can trigger asthma and other allergies and spread parasitic worms, bacteria and pathogens once they move into your home. Roaches thrive in moist, dark and dirty places and feed on just about anything. Their resilience makes it harder to get rid of them once they invade your home.

Sanitation is one of the primary ways to fight a cockroach infestation, or avoid one from happening altogether. They usually hang out in kitchens, bathrooms, especially under sinks and appliances. Following are some ways to keep them out of your home.

Clean Surfaces Thoroughly

A clean home is the key to keeping roaches away. Start with the surfaces in your kitchen. Wipe down the counter tops and appliances, paying special attention to the stove top as roaches love grease. Mop your kitchen floors regularly and wipe down your tabletops after every use to clean up spills, sticky spots and bits of food that encourage roaches to set up camp.

Eliminate Their Water Supply

Cockroaches need a source of water to survive. They can live for as much as six weeks without food but won’t last more than a week without water. Inspect your kitchen and bathroom faucets for leaks and fix them. Keep your bathroom and kitchen sinks as dry as possible, especially when you go to bed at night. Once you starve roaches of their supply of water, they’ll be more likely to leave your home or eat any gel bait you set out.

Store Food Properly

Store your food in sealed containers to prevent contamination. Keep cereals, flour, pasta and other foods in airtight containers. Keep your pantry doors closed and tidy up the shelves — the tiniest bit of food spills can draw roaches in.

Take Out The Trash

Dispose of your garbage properly. Don’t leave garbage lying around in your kitchen when you go to bed at night. Tie the bags and take them out, preferably to a metal bin with a tightly sealed lid. Be sure to sweep or vacuum the area around the bin to keep crumbs and other food particles from piling up. Change your vacuum bags regularly if you use it to pick up food.

Wash the Dishes

Roaches have a feast with dirty dishes in your sink. Don’t make it a habit to let the dishes sit out overnight. If you don’t have time to wash them thoroughly, you can rinse off the food particles or leave the dishes soaking in soapy water. It’s also vital that you keep your dishwasher clean, making sure to remove food particles from the filters and along the seals.

Seal Cracks and Crevices

Inspect your home for cracks and crevices and seal them up to keep roaches from entering. Look for cracks inside your house as well and seal them to eliminate roaches’ favorite hiding places.

Develop a good pest prevention routine to reduce the chances of roaches getting into your home. However, if the roach infestation is out of control, contact a pest professional to get them out.


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