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Pest Control and Work Force Housing

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One of the greatest perks an employer can offer its employees is work force housing. Affordable housing close to the place of employment increases employee satisfaction. You might not know this, but studies show that happy employees are more productive employees. That’s right. If you keep your employees happy, they’ll work harder for you. Some workforce housing is owned but most is rental. Another perk employers can offer their employees is pest control at their rental housing and Contractor’s Best Pest Control can vouch that many people truly appreciate this service.

Work Force Housing

Workforce housing is known for one thing: affordability. Whether the employee buys the house or rents it, it is priced or leased at an affordable rate. The other advantage of work force housing is its proximity to the workplace. Whether commercial or industrial, the workers have a much easier commute if they live in the designated housing. Workers particularly appreciate this if the worksite is far from the nearest city or town. An example of a rural worksite would be tourist development in the North Georgia mountains. Another example is mining where the mine itself is located in a rural area.

Pest Control

So, what does pest control have to do with employee housing? Simple. If the housing is rented, pest control is usually left to the property owner, i.e. the employer, and if the property is located on the outskirts of town, pest control can be even harder. Pests thrive in both the city and rural areas but they are more easily controlled in the city. Many homeowners and rental property owners choose to handle pest control on their own in the city, although this can be a losing battle as OTC pest control products are not as effective as the chemicals professional pest control technicians use.

As an employer, however, property management is hard enough to add to your operations. You shouldn’t have to worry about pest control, either. Buford, GA, or the entire state of Georgia for that matter see a lot of pests year-round. Ticks, termites, spiders, ants, springtails, rats, mice, moles, stinkbugs, silverfish, paper wasps, and mosquitoes are just a handful of pests your employees may find in their rental housing. These pests are tenacious, and they look to homes for protection and food.

If you haven’t considered work force housing for your employees, you should. If you do offer housing or opt to in the future, consider Contractor’s Best Pest Solution in Buford, GA, for pest control.


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