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Natural Tips for Pest Control – Pest Control Dacula GA Contractor’s Best Pest Solution

Although an infestation of pests invariably requires the help of a professional service to efficiently and effectively eliminate the problem, there are some natural pest remedies that may help you deal with pests around the house and even prevent them from nesting indoors. The following tips are just a few natural ways that may help you combat pests.


Want to detract mosquitoes from your home? You can by simply changing the water birdbaths two times per week and removing any standing water from items on your property. To better enjoy your yard, you should also plant plenty of lemon grass which contains citronella. It makes an excellent natural mosquito repellant. Plant it all around your deck and add it to some hanging planters.


You can keep ants off your patio or deck by adding squeezing some garlic cloves into cracks. If you are planning to entertain, you can keep ants away from the eating area by scatting some tea bags near entry points. Ants have a natural aversion to tea as well as mint. If you are lounging on your patio, arm yourself with a spray bottle of soapy water. When you see ants invade, you can deter them with a jet of spray. Ants also dislike cucumber, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and pepper.


Like ants, cockroaches also dislike cucumber, garlic, and even bay leaves. Of course, if you have a cockroach infestation indoors, you should consult a professional as home remedies are not likely to eliminate this problem for you. Once you have gotten rid of these pests, keep your kitchen as clean as possible to prevent these pests from returning.


Flies dislike mint, so if you keep sachets around the house that contain crushed mint, you can prevent flies from preferring your home. If you notice flies congregating outdoors near your trash, place a few drops of eucalyptus oil on the rim of garbage cans to deter them.


If you have pets, you can try to prevent fleas from hanging out in your yard by planting fleabane. Fleas dislike this plant and it can help to control them. You can also use non-toxic flea traps inside your home to help control them before an infestation can result.

Follow these natural tips to help deal with pests around your home. If you do notice that these natural remedies aren’t working, you may have a more serious infestation. Call a professional service to help you assess your problem and provide the solutions you need for a pest-free home.

Pest Control Dacula GA Contractor’s Best Pest Solution


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