A system that makes your pest control service both convenient and more effective.

We service the interior of the home once a year.

On that first service, we will:

  • treat attic and wall sockets with a long lasting natural product that will work for at least one year
  • treat windows, doorways and any entry points into the home
  • knock down all spider webs and wasp nests seen on the exterior of the home
  • finish by power spraying on the exterior of the home to prevent insect entry from the exterior into the home

If for any reason insect entry occurs, you can call us and we will come back for a revisit at no additional charge.

We guarantee our service.

All this for the same value as before.

pest control buford areaThe Buford area is a beautiful place to live, and a wonderful place to work and play. The weather is warm and pleasant, the economy is booming and the homes are affordable. If you live in the Buford area, you already know how much fun the area is. If you are new to Buford, you will quickly grow to love the region, but there are some things you need to know.

Like everywhere, the Buford area has its share of pest control challenges, and it is important for homeowners to know about the creatures that will want to set up housekeeping in their homes. If you spot the early warning signs of a pest problem, it is important to contact us right away, as these infestations will only grow worse over time.


From the suburbs to the city, mice are everywhere, including many Buford area homes. Mice come into homes for a number of reasons, including a place to nest, protection from predators and easy access to food. If you have food in your home and a roof over your head, chances are local mice will find your property an attractive place to be.

If you see a single mouse, or even a single mouse dropping, you can be sure there are more mice lurking nearby. Mice are prodigious breeders, and a single pair could become a huge colony in a surprisingly short period of time.


A colony of mice can eat you out of house and home, but a colony of termites could literally eat your Buford area home. A termite infestation is nothing to fool around with, and it is important to contact a pro at the first sign of trouble.

Even if you only suspect an infestation of termites, it is important to have your Buford area home thoroughly inspected. Termites are amazingly good at boring through wood, and if you leave the infestation unchecked, you could be looking at a huge repair bill.

Bait is now an option. With Contractor’s Best, it only needs to be checked once a year (most baits have to be checked 4 times a year).


With the threat posed by the Zika virus and the emergence of warmer weather, it has never been more important to control mosquitoes. The summer weather may be wonderful, but sharing your home, and your back yard, with these biting insects is anything but.

There are things you can do to control mosquitoes around your Buford area home, including removing sources of standing water and using bug zappers and citronella candles to keep these insects at bay. Staying indoors at dawn and dusk, when mosquitoes are most active, can help as well, as can wearing long-sleeved clothing to keep your skin bite free.

No matter what part of Buford you call home, it is important to protect your home from pests. If you suspect an infestation of mice, mosquitoes, termites or any other unwanted visitor, it is important to call a professional pest control service right away.


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