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Projected Population Growth of Atlanta and Surrounding Areas

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These days, Atlanta is booming in terms of its vibrant economy and exploding job growth. While predicting population growth can be tricky, it’s usually a safe bet to assume that job growth is going to spell population growth, particularly in a city like Atlanta that has access to major lines of transportation and, let’s face it, an attractive climate. With 140,000 new jobs expected to open up in the city this year alone, it’s no surprise that people will be moving to Atlanta with bright economic hopes.

Top 6 Cities for Population Growth

According to NBC, Atlanta has moved into the top six cities for estimated population growth. This is very exciting for the city, which suffered an economic decline a few years back along with most of the country. Such job growth has not occurred since 1996 when Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics. The Huffington Post reports that Atlanta is, indeed, one of the ten fastest growing cities in the country. Jobs and a healthy economy are driving this population growth. The population growth, of course, is a complement to the economy.

Hot Housing Market

Of course, an expanding population needs a place to live. As more people flock to Atlanta, the housing market is experiencing a much-needed boost. The health of the overall economy and low interest rates are helping the housing market enjoy a complete recovery from where it was a few years back. New construction is an exciting prospect because it not only provides new housing for a growing population; it provides jobs for the city’s construction workers. CNN Money forecasts that Atlanta is likely to see a big surge of new homeowners. The report suggests that the metro area is going to see an influx of about 6% when it comes to new property owners.


One of the most exciting things about Atlanta’s population growth is that it is driving a revitalization of the downtown area. While urban sprawl is a factor of Atlanta’s growth, it must be said that the city center is definitely part of the picture when it comes to new jobs and population growth. New projects are bringing life to run-down areas of Atlanta and rejuvenating them for people who are interested to move to the city. From new running and biking paths to lots of new restaurants, economic and city growth is part of Atlanta’s current picture, which is why it’s luring so many people there.

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, it will be interesting to see what the numbers turn out to be. As one of the most livable cities in the country, Atlanta is known for its affordable cost of living and promising job growth. While more millennials are expected to purchase homes in the coming year, more people from other regions are also expected to look toward Atlanta as a great place to be. If you are considering a move to this vibrant city, you have a lot to look forward to as the city continues to grow and thrive.



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