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Learn How To Save Your Buyer/Seller $1,310!

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Why is it easier to do business with Contractor’s Best Pest Solution?

We use Liquid Termite Repair & have a Retreat Warranty with 1 year prepaid coverage…it has a renewable warranty for 10 years!

That is a HUGE advantage!

We add in these statements to your contract, as an addendum:

  • We use only liquid termite treatment for termites (by far THE best treatment)
  • No transfer fees (to transfer to new owner)
  • NO deductible for termite damage repair claim
  • Average renewal price $169 Liquid vs. $300 Bait

$131 x 10 years = $1,310 savings

Check out a few more advantages:

  • All termite letters are only $20
  • Inspections in 24-48 hours normal response, faster for emergencies
  • Free Rodent inspections, $75 Rodent letter if letter is needed to clear property
  • Pest Control, Mosquito Control & Carpenter Bees are treated
  • Owner involved in daily business operations. Call me, Sammy Baker.

We offer 3 Easy ways to request a termite letter:

1. Form Fill on our website

2. Call Our Office

3. Text/Call Sammy’s Cell


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