Savvy Ways to Organize Books in a Small House

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Space is a premium in most houses. What happens if you’re a bookworm stuck in a small apartment? How will you store your precious books? The key is incorporating your books into the overall design of a room or the whole house. Here’s how.

Wall of books

Designate one wall in a room where you can have a bookshelf installed. Go all out and cover the whole wall with books. This room can be your library, study or home office. The wall will also make for an interesting conversation piece when your friends drop by.


Have you ever thought about decorating your doorway? Why not decorate it all around with your books? Organize them in such a way that would look interesting. Stack some vertically, some horizontally. Add a few touches of figurines or souvenirs here and there and you have a one-of-a-kind doorway


If a wall of books or a doorway is too much, consider turning a bookshelf into your headboard. Install a smaller bookshelf and fill it with picture frames, books and trinkets. Fill this space with your favorite things. It’s good to have your favorite things surrounding you while you sleep. In the morning, they will be there to put a smile on your face.

Have a system

Don’t just fill your bookshelves with random books. Make a system. Separate the important books, books that have sentimental value and books that are high value. Put the most valuable ones in a separate shelf so that you can easily take them out when there is an emergency such as a fire. You can then scatter the rest of the books throughout the house. You can place some on the coffee table, some in the kitchen, in the den, etc.
Labeling each shelf level is also a good idea especially if you only have one shelf and you are forced to stack your books altogether. For example, you can label one side as ‘Cooking’ and the other side as ‘Entertaining’. Labeling will also help you keep organized as you are forced to return the books to their proper places.
Use baskets to pack small paperback books. You can store your fiction books in baskets and label them accordingly. You can put all your current reads in one basket and take out the whole basket when you’re in the mood to read. You can place this basket beside your bed at night and put it back on the shelf the next morning. You keep the clutter (and the laziness) at bay because you only have to carry one basket, take it to the shelf and your task is complete.

Decorating and Organization Tips

Staying in a small apartment can actually have its perks when it comes to decorating and organization. Here are a few more tips to inspire you to organize your books.

Embellish bookshelves

If you’re tired of your old, boring bookshelf inject some life into it by covering it with wallpaper or any fancy paper of your liking. You can cover the back to make a pretty backdrop for your books. You can also cover the edges with patterns that you like. You can play with different colors and patterns to make your bookshelf stand out.

Mix it up

Make your bookshelf even more attractive by mixing it up with small accessories, glassware, pottery or even art work. Place or drape trinkets around your books. Get your box of keepsakes and rummage for items that are worth displaying. If you have items that you don’t know where to place, try placing them beside your books. You might be surprised with the effect. Maximize the limited space of your home by doubling the bookshelf as a storage and design hub.

Box books

If you buy several books at one time or if you still have some unread ones, box them up. When you finish a book, place it on the shelf and get a new one. If you feel that a book does not deserve to be on your shelf, consider selling it or donating it. Books that don’t appeal to you should not be kept. They will just take up precious space in your home. Do not buy more books until you have finished every single one in the box. Owning hundreds of books does not make you smart. Reading them does.
Your books can be a source of joy whether by reading them or organizing them. Seeing your books have a proper ‘home’ will surely bring a smile to your face. You will always be reminded of the times they made you laugh, cry and the times they brought you to different places and gave you inspiration.


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