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Contractor’s Best Termite Control relies on effective solutions like Termidor® that generate 100% results for 10 years! As one of the most rigorously tested termite solutions in history, Termidor® has successfully endured grueling USDA-Forest Service ground and concrete slab trials in four trials; at each application, this solution proved 100% effective. We stand by this trusted product that eradicates termites quickly and effectively.

Contractor’s Best Pest Solution Termite Control are the experts that North Georgia and the metro area trust to eradicate termites.

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Termidor® kills termites on direct contact or when ingested by these pests. Once the termites come into contact with Termidor®, they transfer it from their bodies to the entire termite colonies. Once the colony comes into contact with Termidor®, the infestation dwindles until your problem is completely and reliably eliminated. As one of the most trusted methods of termite control in the Buford area, we are pleased to offer this trusted solution to our customers.

These Creatures Can Do Serious Damage

When you invite Contractor’s Best into your home, we provide the termite protection you need to safeguard your structure for years to come. We have a proven record for delivering superior results you can trust. Don’t let termites chew away at your most important investment – your home. Call us today to eradicate these voracious pests!

Contactor’s Best has developed pest-eradicating solutions based on years of experience and expertise. Our dedicated professionals carefully assess your home or business to provide the customized plan you need to become pest-free.

Destructive Insects

Termites are destructive insects that feed on wood. Their destructive appetite can render your structure unsound requiring expensive replacements and repairs. The key to protect your home is to eliminate these pests before they can cause expensive damage to your home. Our solutions are designed to stop termites in their tracks.


Termite Control Trelona ATBS Bait is now an option. We use Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations that only need to be checked once a year (most baits have to be checked 4 times a year).

Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations, by BASF is very similar to the ATBS Direct Bait Kit, except it does not contain the wood monitoring base (TMB) or additional lids.

Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations have an annual inspection label to check stations just once a year. You can check the stations more frequently if you desire or convert them into a termite bait system of pre-baiting. With pre-baiting, you would take out the Novaluron cartridges and replace them with (1) Wood base (TMB) and (1) Inspection Cartridge (TIC). The wood base and inspection cartridge attract the termites to the bait station to implement a monitoring system. Once you see termite activity around one of these monitoring stations, you replace the inspection cartridge with the Novaluron. Replace the wood base units and inspection cartridges every 12-15 months.


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