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Termites Making a Meal of Your Home?

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From mice and rats to cockroaches and ants, there are lots of pests that can make a mess of your home, but termites can actually make a meal of your home. A colony of termites can reduce a 2×4 to sawdust in a matter of hours, and it will not take them much longer to destroy the structural integrity of your home.

Chances are your home is the most significant investment you will ever make, so it just makes sense to protect it from these invaders. Termites are more common than you might think, and the signs of their existence can be remarkably subtle.

Have Your Home Checked by a Pro

The subtlety of a termite invasion is one of the best reasons to call in a pro. Even if you do not think termites are a problem in your area, it is important to have your home professionally inspected by a pest control expert. Pest control experts know exactly what to look for, and they can instantly distinguish termites from other, more benign, flying insects.

If your home is free of termites, you will get extra peace of mind. If there is a problem, you can treat it early, when treatment will be most effective and least expensive. Either way, a professional termite inspection is the best place to start.

Spotting the Signs

Having a professional termite inspection done is important, but that does not mean you can close your eyes and assume everything is fine. It is important to look for the signs of a looming termite infestation, so you can act fast and get it under control right away.

If you see what looks like sawdust around your home, chances are termites are at work. If you see sawdust and have not done any construction lately, you need to call a pest control pro right away.

Swarms of flying insects could also be signs of a termite infestation. If you spot insects flying around your home in large numbers, try to follow them and see where they go. If they seem to head underground or into a mud nest, you should suspect a termite problem – and call a pest control professional.

If you have a mouse in your house, you can set a trap and hope for the best. The mouse may not be a pleasant houseguest, but it will not chew your house down. Termites are a whole different story, and a problem that must be addressed right away. If you wait too long, your home could suffer significant damage, so call a pest control professional today.


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