The Best Fall Leaf Routes in the North Georgia Mountains

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To see Georgia’s favorite mountain peaks and waterfalls, all through a background of vivid reds, oranges and yellows, check out these top-rated hiking trails through the northern part of the state. With some of the nation’s most attractive outdoor locales, people flock to this area in the fall, hoping to mix crisp, cool air with breathtaking mountain views. With foliage color peaking from mid-October to mid-November, now is the perfect time to lace up those sneakers and make a day of it.

1. Fort Mountain Wall, Tower & Overlook Trail: This tri-trail attraction in Fort Mountain State Park runs about eight miles, with views of a historic stone tower from the mountain’s overlook platform.

2. Springer Mountain Appalachian Trail: With up to 16 miles of hiking along the Appalachian Trail, this hike promises some of the coolest views from its 3780-foot summit.

3. Blood Mountain Appalachian Trail: Don’t let the name scare you. Blood Mountain is Georgia’s most sought-after seasonal attraction. Strap on a backpack for extra support or spend an hour or two on the Byron Reece Trail. Either way, you’ll get what you came for on this 4 to 16-mile venture.

4. Amicalola Falls: Sitting in Amicalola Falls State Park, this trail, spanning between two and 15 miles, has a gift waiting for you at the end–an expansive waterfall (Georgia’s tallest). Catch some of the season’s most perfect color with the leaves atop the Appalachian Mountains or those adorning the dense, surrounding forest.

5. Tallulah Gorge Trails: Found in Tallulah Gorge State Park, the steep rim of Tallulah Gorge lets you see all the encircling fall color. For continued challenge, cross a suspension bridge and see the Hurricane Falls waterfall from a front row vantage point.

6. Cloudland Canyon Waterfalls Trail and Rim Trails: Head to Cloudland Canyon State Park and steal serene views from the canyon’s eastern and western rim. Note: colors here peak early in the season since it’s in the northwestern corner of the state.

7. Tennessee Rock Trail in Black Rock Mountain State Park: This short trail (2.2 miles), located in one of the highest elevations in Georgia, provides a handy overlook from which to enjoy surrounding autumn hues.

If you seek outdoor adventure, northern Georgia has what you need. With iconic summits and views in all directions, these trails provide emboldened wanderers with enough eye candy to get through the long winter.

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