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The Importance of Pest Control on Real Estate Property

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The importance of pest control on real estate property cannot be overstated. A house simply will not sell if potential buyers walk into ant, cockroach, termite, or rodent infestations. People train themselves on what to look for, so infestations are not easy to hide. Calling for professional pest control before the home is put on the market increases the chances of a quick transaction for the seller and agent.

Increases the Presentation

Presentation is key to a bidding war and final purchase, which is why so many homes are now staged before the open houses begin. The presentation of the home must be perfect from roof to foundation. You cannot have spider webs in the corners or rodent droppings in the kitchen, attic, or basement.

Again, potential buyers are warned by their agents to look for signs of insect or rodent infestations in the homes that they view. In fact, the buyers’ agents will also know what to look for and quickly discourage their clients from purchasing a home that has an insect or rodent problem.

Presenting the home goes beyond keeping things neat and adding a few stunning accents. The home must never show signs of wood damage from termites or wall damage from rodents. The insects and rodents can destroy the presentation of the home in an instant, which is why professional help is crucial.

Increases the Selling Points

Enlisting professional pest control help before the home is put on the market also increases its selling points. You can tell potential buyers that the home has already been inspected for termites and other pests and it is free of them. In fact, you can show the potential buyers the completed inspection form. This prevents haggling later on during the purchasing process and gives potential buyers peace of mind.

In most cases, a termite inspection must be performed at a minimum in a real estate transaction anyway, so why not hire a professional to inspect the entire home for all types of pests? This gives you a chance to let anyone interested in purchasing the home that they needn’t worry about infestations at move-in. If they choose to allow the home to be invaded once they own it, that’s their problem.

You want to present a home free of pests to add value to the home, the asking price, and the presentation and selling points. This is key to whetting the appetites of more homebuyers.

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