The Winter Bugs Eager To Invade Your Home According To Contractor’s Best Pest Solution

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Few areas in the United States rival the beauty of Northern Georgia, which is why residents of Buford love to call the charming city home. With natural beauty comes natural pests, however, and we here at Contractor’s Best Pest Solution – Note the Best in our name? It’s because we are! – are ready to help you protect your residence from the area’s pesky winter invaders.


We’ve been there. You drag yourself out of bed in the morning and head to the kitchen for your first cup of Joe only to be shocked at the sight of ants crawling all over your floor and counters. Ants are cold-blooded just like lizards are, and these resilient pests are just as happy to take over your home in the winter, where they’ll find warmth, as they are in the summer.

Boxelder Bug

Your child might live in his Spiderman pajamas, but you don’t want to find a bug in your home that looks a lot like the masked superhero. Boxelder bugs are red and black, just like Web-slinger, and they use their Spidey sense to leave quite a stink if you annoy them. They can also bite you and although they aren’t poisonous, the wound will irritate your skin.


Can roaches survive a nuclear bomb? No, not really, but it certainly seems as if they’re invincible. Roaches don’t hibernate and they don’t like to be cold either. They will work tirelessly to get into your home where it’s warm and nest indoors rather than outdoors. To prevent roaches in the winter, it’s best to contact an expert to seal all possible entryways.

Southern Yellow Jackets

Ouch! Just ouch! As with the previous pests on this list, the southern yellow jacket will seek comfort in your home out of the cold. You definitely do not want these pests anywhere near your family. Their stings are unbelievably painful and they don’t relent after just one attack. Southern yellow jackets are known to forage into December, but they certainly aren’t a holiday treat.

Stink Bugs

You warned your child not to stomp on that stink bug but she did so anyway. Hopefully, she learned her lesson. If she didn’t, she’ll crush Georgia’s indigenous stink bug the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug again. This bug originally came from Asia and it invades homes throughout the state. An expert pest control service can rid you of these pests without the stink.

Who is that expert pest control service? Contractor’s Best Pest Solution. We’ve been helping Buford, GA, residents and business owners with their pest issues for years. Call us today to set up an appointment. If you have pest emergency, we’ll come out right away.


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