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Tips On How To Celebrate 2018 Pest Free

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With every new year comes the promise for improvement. Improvements for our bodies, our minds, our finances, our homes and our lives.

When it comes to making improvements in and around our homes, we often think about painting, landscaping, decorating or new furniture and fixtures that will make our spaces look like a room on an HGTV show.

But what about pests? Yes, the pests that may be lurking in nooks and crannies you cannot see every day. What are you doing to keep the pests out as you improve your home from the inside out?

This year, let Contractor’s Best Pest Solution help you keep a pest-free home. We have serviced north metro Atlanta since 2012, and we know how to protect your home from pesky bugs and rodents all year round. Give us a call to schedule a consultation.

Here are a few ways you can be pest-free in 2018:

  • Remove clutter like piles of clothes, old luggage, stacks of papers and garbage. Bugs hide in dark corners, so give them fewer places to hide.
  • Fill in the holes, cracks and openings around your home. Sealing gaps where air can escape or enter your home prevents pests from hiding in the gaps.
  • Choose plastic instead of cardboard. Plastic containers can be sealed to keep bugs out – unlike cardboard containers that are soft enough for mice, fleas and cockroaches to chew on and nest in.
  • Clean air vents and ducts to prevent insects from nesting inside. The warm air, dust and lint make these coves an ideal space for them to live, and also makes life miserable for allergy sufferers.
  • Keep trash tightly sealed in secure bins and away from your home. Bugs and pests can often a make a meal from your trash while some find a home or lay eggs.
  • Keep a lid on your pet’s uneaten food between meals. Bugs enjoy pet food as much as they enjoy human food!
  • Clean up outdoor spaces, inspecting dark sheds and places where standing water may attract bugs.
  • Store firewood, stones and lumber several yards away from your home because they provide shelter and food for bugs.
  • Trim the trees and bushes around your home so pests and rodents cannot get in so easily.
  • Schedule regular pest control treatments with Contractor’s Best to prevent and treat pest infestations throughout the year.

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