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Tips to Selling Your Home Faster in 2017

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The real estate market continues to recover after the devastation of the Great Recession and its aftermath, but the improvement in home sales and housing prices has not impacted everyone. In many ways, the world of real estate remains a seller’s market, and that means homeowners need to do what they can to make their properties as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

As a real estate professional, you are no doubt aware of the impact seemingly simple things can have on home sales. Something as simple as a change in the landscaping or an upgrade in outdoor lighting could mean the difference between a home that sits unsold on the market for months on end and one that is snapped up quickly even in a tough market.

With that in mind, here are some smart real estate tips to help homes sell more quickly and for top dollar. As 2016 finally comes to an end and 2017 gets underway, these tips can help you sell more homes and build your image as a real estate professional.

Storage Space Counts

Storage is often at a premium even in large upscale homes, and anything that can increase the amount of storage space can help the home sell more quickly. From simple solutions like closet organizers in the master bedroom to home renovations like built-in shelving and custom bookcases, there are plenty of ways to build more storage into an existing home.

Upscale Landscaping is a Big Plus

No matter what price range the home falls into, incorporating upscale landscaping concepts into the design can make the property more attractive to would-be buyers. Home buyers continue to place a premium on their outdoor experience, and they are looking for lush green lawns, mature trees, flowering shrubs and other elegant landscape elements.

Modern Kitchens Are in High Demand

One of the smartest things homeowners can do to improve the value of their properties is to upgrade the kitchen. Home buyers are still enthralled with modern kitchen designs, from custom center islands to designer cabinets and attractive storage options. The market for stainless steel appliances may have cooled somewhat, but other hallmarks of modern kitchen design are still very much in vogue.

Kid-Friendly Living Spaces are More Popular Than Ever

While there is still a strong focus on the master bedroom and bath, buyers are increasingly interested in the quality, and the size, of the rooms their kids will inhabit. That means that larger second and third bedrooms are in high demand, as are design elements like built-in bookcases and customized storage options.

The Great Recession may be over, but that does not mean that real estate professionals can simply relax and wait for the offers to start rolling in. The housing market is still in recovery mode, and that means uneven sales and a real need to give picky buyers what they want. Knowing what buyers are looking for can make 2017 a banner year for real estate pros from coast to coast.


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