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Top 5 Reasons to Buy in Metro Atlanta Georgia

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top-5-reasons-to-buy-in-metro-atlanta-georgiaAs a real estate professional, you already know that the three most important things in your life, and the lives of your clients, are location, location and location. It does not matter how beautiful the home or how carefully constructed it is – if that house is located in a bad neighborhood it will be a hard sell for many buyers.

That is why real estate investors, home buyers and agents work so hard to identify the next big thing. They scour the news and read the industry press in search of those up and coming markets that are sure to rise in value and draw eager home buyers from coast to coast. They know that identifying those stellar markets early will help them succeed, and many real estate pros are pointing to the Metro Atlanta region as the latest example of an area on the rise.

The Metro Atlanta region has long been a favorite for Georgia residents, but buyers from far and wide are now taking notice. Here are the top 5 reasons to buy in the Metro Atlanta region.

#1. Jobs are Plentiful

While unemployment has been ticking up in many parts of the country, the Metro Atlanta area has been going the other way. Unemployment has been on the decline throughout the Atlanta region, and that means plenty of jobs and lots of employment opportunities to choose from.

Whether clients have a job lined up already or not, they should have no trouble finding work in the Metro Atlanta area. Job stability is an important part of the home ownership equation, and one more reason workers have been flocking to Metro Atlanta.

#2. The Weather is Fine

Buyers looking for a temperate climate have been coming to the Metro Atlanta area in droves. Even in the depth of the winter, temperatures are relatively warm and balmy, with December averages in the 50s and temps climbing into the 60s as early as March.

The weather is a great reason to move to Metro Atlanta, and many find the region a pleasant alternative to states like Florida. The weather gets warm here, but without the oppressive heat and humidity of many other southern locations.

#3. The People Are Friendly

Southern hospitality is on full display throughout the Metro Atlanta region, and local residents are famous for welcoming newcomers to their midst. Buyers who move to Metro Atlanta will not have to worry about receiving a warm welcome, and they are sure to have a great time once they are settled in.

#4. You Will Have Plenty of Company

More than 50,000 people moved to the Metro Atlanta region in 2014 alone, and the growth curve has continued unabated ever since. If you are looking for a region that is on the rise and ready to grow, it is hard to find a more suitable location than Metro Atlanta.

Even though Metro Atlanta is growing fast, there is still plenty of space available. The suburbs offer a wonderful combination of rural living and urban convenience, and the city itself is warm, welcoming and blessed with abundant sunshine.

#5. Housing is Still Affordable

Many popular parts of the country are suffering through a housing shortage, causing prices to spike and shutting many newcomers out of the market. The Metro Atlanta region is different in that it still has vast stocks of affordable housing.

Even though Metro Atlanta is still an affordable place to live, it pays to act fast. More and more people are discovering the charms of an Atlanta lifestyle, and buyers who wait too long could find themselves out of luck.


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