Trees to Avoid Having in Your Yard Because They Have the Most Bugs

There is nothing quite like a landscape filled with trees. Homeowners from coast to coast love having trees in their front and back yards, and those trees give the kids a place to play and wildlife a place to live, all while providing endless beauty and entertainment for residents and neighbors alike.

If you have recently moved to a new lot that lacks mature trees, you are probably wondering which trees to choose. The choice of trees can be very important, since some varieties are more suitable than others. And while some trees are a perfect fit for the suburban lawn, others are simply not suitable. Here are some trees that are best avoided, since these varieties tend to draw lots of bugs.

Cottonwood Trees

Cottonwood trees are like magnets for bugs, including many pests that can damage other parts of your landscape. Despite their pleasant appearance and beautiful flowers, cottonwood trees are best avoided.

Despite their tendency to draw bugs, cottonwood trees are still a common sight in many backyards. And while some homeowners presumably do not mind the bugs, it is still best to avoid this type of tree.

Fruit Trees

If you absolutely must have fresh fruit from your backyard, feel free to experiment with a few fruit trees. Just know that the same fruit that attracts you will also be a draw for many types of bugs.

Fruit trees are notorious for drawing insects, and many people who plant them live to regret their decision. From apple and pear trees to peach trees and apricot trees, many types of fruit trees suffer from insect damage and excessive bugs in their vicinity.

Mulberry Trees

Mulberry trees are also notorious as homes for troublesome insects, so think twice before bringing one home. The mulberry tree may be attractive, but it is best left out of your landscape.

The silkworm is one of the most common pests to afflict the mulberry tree, but it is by no means the only insect visitor you can expect. Flying bugs love the mulberry, so you can expect to do a lot of swatting if you have one in your backyard.

Pine Trees

Some people love the look of pine trees and the smell of fresh pine, but that pleasant aroma comes at a steep price. Bugs love pine trees, including mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Not all pine trees are magnets for bugs, but it can be hard to know ahead of time which ones will be. If you absolutely must have evergreens in your yard, choose a dwarf variety that will be easier to care for and easier to keep bug free.

Having trees in your landscape is great, but have all those bugs around is definitely not. Avoiding the trees that are most prone to insect problems allows you to enjoy the great outdoors in peace while gazing at your beautiful tree-filled landscape.


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