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What Are the Things That Attract Ants?

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The last thing you need in your home after a successful holiday season is an infestation of ants. The problem is that the ants want the shelter of your home to protect them. They also want the food sources they can find in your home. In the case of carpenter ants, they want your home’s wood, in which they will burrow in order to lay eggs and increase their colony size. Let’s talk about the things that attract ants to the inside of your home or commercial space.


Food is generally the bottom line. Ants love human food, especially sweet things, and they will march one by one into your home to feast off anything they can find in the kitchen. They will also infest other rooms if there are food sources there, such as the pizza box in your teenager’s room.

Ants can also infest open food boxes such as cracker boxes and cereal boxes. They can detect a sink full of dirty dishes from far away. In order to prevent ants from coming into your home for food, keep the home clean, the dishes clean, the countertops and floors clean, and the food boxes sealed.


Ants cannot live without water just like us. They need to drink water to keep themselves hydrated. They also store water in their colony for use at other times. Consequently, if you have a plumbing leak or dripping faucet that produces water all the time, you’ll end up with ants in the home.

Moisture from potted plants can even attract ants. Aside from ants, moist potting soil can also attract fungus gnats. To prevent an infestation from either of these insects, make sure you do not have any water leaks in the home. Also, water the plants only when they need it.


Let’s talk about plants further. Ants are attracted to the smell of flowers, so make sure to throw away that bouquet when it dies. They may also be attracted to flowers in your yard if you do not have appropriate pest control. We can prevent ants from infesting your outdoors so they don’t infest your indoors.

You may not realize this but if your roses are infested with aphids, the aphids leave a residue that attracts ants. This is why our professional service can help. We can ensure you do not have a chain of insects on your property that will lead to ants. Call us today if you have an infestation.

Photo by New Africa studio via Canva Pro

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