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What Attracts Mice to My Home?

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Mice may be cute, but you don’t want them in your home. There are numerous things that attract mice to the house. We are going to list those things below. If you have an infestation of mice, call us right away. We can inspect your home to find out from where the mice are entering. We will seal off those points and get rid of the mice you already have.


Food is the primary attractant for mice. Mice get hungry just like you do, and they will come running if they can smell food in or around your home. For example, if you dump your garbage into a can that does not seal properly, the mice will be attracted to odors in the garbage can. Make sure your food waste is sealed away completely so the mice cannot smell it.

Mice will also be attracted to food in your home if you do not keep your kitchen clean. If you have a bad habit of leaving dirty dishes in the sink for days, the mice will be attracted to the food odors. The same is true if you spill things on the floor and leave them. Mice love to nibble on anything that is easy to get to, and this includes open cracker and cereal boxes.

Entry Points

Mice will also seek refuge in your home if there are easy entry points. This means cracks in the home’s exterior that lead to a path indoors. Mice can climb underneath your home and get through a cracked foundation. They can also crawl through the walls or enter the attic if there is a way in. This is why we said we would inspect for and seal off entry points.


The reason why the mice seek entry points into your home is that they need shelter. Just like you, mice need shelter from cold and inclement weather. They will find a way into your home and nest, nice and warm. This is understandable even though you do not want mice in your home. They need protection from the elements and from predators.

Mice will also seek shelter outside your home if you have it for them. An open shed, piles of garbage, piles of boxes, or piles of leaves are all suitable shelter places for mice. To avoid an infestation of mice, you need to keep your yard clean.

Give us a ring today if you suspect you’ve got mice on your property. We will get rid of them.

Photo by EllenAI from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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