What Attracts Moths to Your Home?

Moths seems like they’re harmless enough, until you find holes in your favorite shirt or you realize that moths have been eating through your dry goods. Contractor’s Best Pest Solutions knows how frustrating and gross that moth discovery can be. Here are some tips about how moths are attracted to your home in the first place.

Lights and an Opening

Most everyone knows that moths are attracted to light, which means that if you open your door a lot in the evening or at night you might accidentally invite a moth inside. Even if you don’t keep your door open, moths are really good at finding and exploiting small cracks or holes that allow them entry to your home. Sealing off those entry points is really important.

Pantry Moths Can Come in with the Food

Larvae of pantry moths are more well-traveled than a lot of people think. They can sometimes come into the house already in food or in grocery bags. But most often, they find a way into your house and discover your pantry and your grains and cereals, which they love to eat. Over time, they grow and eat and become moths. Storing your pantry foods in air-tight containers helps to protect them from pantry moths.

Clothes Moths Can Be on Clothing

Once clothing moths enter your home, they seek out the fabrics that they like the most. That includes clothing and upholstery made of cotton, wool, and even silk. Some moths even like leather and fur. That means it’s not just clothing that can be fair game for these moths, but also furniture items. Sometimes you can bring the larvae into your home accidentally, either on thrifted clothing or brand-new clothing that already had larvae.

A Dark, Secluded Spot to Lay Eggs

What these moths want more than anything, besides chomping on your belongings and food, is a quiet, dark area where they can lay their moth eggs. That is their preferred method of making sure that the next generation of moths is able to carry on and keep the species going. That’s why cleaning out your pantry and closets regularly is a good idea, because you can remove eggs and even larvae before you get an infestation.

Dealing with a sudden influx of moths? You don’t have to go it alone. Give us a call at Contractor’s Best Pest Solutions in Buford, GA. We can evaluate the situation for you and let you know what it’s going to take to get rid of your moth problem for good.


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