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I Have Never Had Pest Control Service. What Should I Expect?

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Removing unwanted bugs and rodents can get expensive; prevention costs less. So, if you’ve decided to keep your home pest-free, congratulations. You’re on your way to peace of mind, knowing that termites and other damaging creepy crawlies will make their homes elsewhere. But if you aren’t sure what to expect from regular pest control service from Contractor’s Best Pest Solution, especially that first visit, here’s a brief look at what’s ahead.

The Introduction

If you’ve chosen a high-quality, reputable company, the technician should show up on time and in uniform. Note: It’s vital you feel comfortable with this individual, as he or she will be moving around the inside and outside of your home.

Initial Inspection – Entry Points

The first thing a knowledgeable agent should do is check entry points. Windows, pipes, doors, garages, crawl spaces, and attics provide the easiest access for tiny critters to enter your house. This first evaluation might take time, since closely examining these places for cracks and other penetrable points requires care and focus.

The Yard

While checking possible indoor problems is crucial to keeping unwanted critters out, the technician will also need to thoroughly evaluate the outdoor space. This step can help asses the present situation and predict areas that might become problematic in the future.

Moisture Study

Insects and other pests love moisture, so pinpointing damp areas allows you and the technician to design an effective plan of action. He or she might use tools like a moisture meter and flashlight to help the procedure along.

Final Discussion

After spending time on this checklist, the agent will likely want to discuss the findings with you. Many professions will put final conclusions in writing so you can better assess the information. Also, the technician might spend a few minutes in the vehicle (organizing and documenting) before asking to sit down with you. It’s important to allow for this alone time, as you will want a cohesive plan of action moving forward.

Regular Treatments

Once you and the agent have gone over the information, he or she might perform the first treatment. Depending on the situation, you and your family (including pets) should be allowed to remain in the house while this happens. Above all else, you should at this point know the status of the initial inspection and any future steps that will be taken to maintain a pest-free home (cost and schedule of regular maintenance, etc.).

Remember, for all your pest control needs, call Contractor’s Best Pest Solution in Buford, GA today.


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