Who Pays For Home Pest Inspection When Selling

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The best scenario for a homeowner when they are ready to sell their home is to have the peace of mind that their home is in perfect working order and that there is no problems that can creep in ruin the perfect deal. When you are selling your beautiful home in the perfect neighborhood, undoubtedly, you will have buyers rushing to present an offer. At that point, you and your agent will be able to negotiate an amazing deal. Unfortunately, that is the easy part. However, if you have not maintained a proper routine to deal with pest control, the deal can be stalled or fail completely. Check out who pays for such a costly problem in the long run.

The Buyer

Even though during the inspection process the buyer pays for the home inspection, which will detect any major pest infestations. The seller will ultimately pay the long term costs of remediation. Once a wood infestation is detected in the inspection process, the seller will be notified to obtain a professional pest control company to remediate the problem. If the problem requires long term treatment this can cause a problem for the buyer. If the problem requires further investigation, this can also make a buyer nervous. Therefore, even though the buyer is paying the short term cost of the home inspection, the seller also pays a price in the process.


A proactive seller who maintains a regular, tailored service for their home can pay for a warranty ahead of time. This warranty can show a buyer that the home is frequently treated by a great service company like Contractor’s Best in Buford. The seller’s fears and concerns will be greatly reduced and a smoother home sales process can proceed. Here, at Contractor’s Best we provide a warranty that is transferable to a new owner.

Do not be short-sighted to think about who pays the upfront fees only. It is equally as important and as costly to the person who has to bear the burden of a deal that is lost even if they did not spend a dime. Additionally, the person who has to pay for remediation is both costly and time consuming, which can also lose a deal.

Both Parties

It is clear that both parties win when there is a service in place that can provide the peace of mind necessary during the inspection process to help ensure that the contract proceeds without pests causing delays or terminating a deal.

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